Nintendo, Do This For 2014

MVGN writes "Everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion on what Nintendo needs to do in order to succeed so I thought why not add my two cents into the mix. Nintendo has been a staple in the gaming industry and it would be ashame if something happened to where they were not producing consoles anymore. This article outlines what Nintendo needs to do for 2014 and not what they need to do to “survive” (they still have 11 BILLION dollars in cold, hard cash so they should be good for some time)…

So without further ado, Nintendo, if you’re listing, DO THIS IN 2014!"

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TheSuperior 1635d ago

I would love to see nintendo do this kind of stuff I think nintendo can still pull off some amazing stuff if they wanted.

abzdine1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

they should learn from Sony PS3, completely rebrand the console is one of the things they have to do.

It only does everything campaign and a very agressive marketing were the key.

Realplaya1633d ago

They should learn from T mobile they added attitude and some cockiness and added value to their brand. But the one thing is they have commercials that matter.