Will the PlayStation Vita Slim be Sony's final handheld games console?

To quote the cigarette-mumbling of Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park: hold on to your butts.
Even for January, it's been a slow month for the games industry. Sony teased PlayStation Now, Nintendo admitted the Wii U console is still performing terribly, and a fleet of YouTube personalities were caught endorsing Xbox One for cash. That's about it, really.
Still, there are positives to the downtime. The triple-A games release schedule, currently a barren wasteland, has allowed for several new indie games to dazzle in the spotlight. Trust me: you really should take a look at the likes of Nidhogg, OlliOlli, Broken Age, The Banner Saga and D

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donnieboy1660d ago

Probably, after this handhelds are going to be cloud base....

Yi-Long1660d ago

I think they'll bring out at least one new handheld, either a HD-revision of the existing Vita, or a completely new handheld.

I expect a HD-Vita though.

Mikey322301660d ago

....... The vita is very much HD. you mean full 1080p resolution screen on a vita? idk maybe

I think many people still like handhelds, they just didnt/dont support and market the vita well.

I think many people would be sad if there was no more sony handhelds in the future.

Yi-Long1660d ago

Yeah, I mean FullHD (1080p), considering most new phones and tablets also now offer screens with that resolution (or even higher).

I wouldn't even rule out a new HD Vita that ALSO allows Android, which would basically open up a HUGE library of (obviously) Android games, along with many other apps and tools.

dedicatedtogamers1660d ago

The only way they can do another handheld is if they go cheaper. Inexpensive handhelds are the only chance of finding a niche in the crowded mobile/tablet market. I think that Sony's big mistake would be if they tried to turn the PSP3 into another phone/multimedia hub like they did with the Vita.

UltimateMaster1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

They'll make new Portable devices.

Yep1659d ago


The Vita is qHD. Not sub-hd or full or HD.

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Joey_Leone1660d ago

Watch the sales go up when Minecraft gets released on PSVITA. Kids love Minecraft, is Minecraft available on the 3DS? NO.

specialguest1660d ago

Lol! 3ds doesn't need minecraft to attract kids. 47mil 3ds vs 7 maybe 8mil Vita as of Dec 31. The vita is at an odd place where only a select few want it, and it's definitely not kids. The proof is in the sales numbers. Hell, even the psp during the first 2 yrs sold twice as many units. Kids these days are gaming on their tablet/phones or the 3ds. There will be a nice vita boost with remote play, but it's no miracle sales booster.

Muffins12231660d ago

I think their gonna make another xperia playstation,cause i really don't want to have a iphone and a vita,i like my vita,but it would be nice if i could use it as a phone.

MrSwankSinatra1660d ago

the vita will be sony's last dedicated handheld system. the market shows that people don't want to play console like games on a handheld hence why the 3ds is destroying the vita. imagine what sony could have done with all the money they used on the vita and put it towards the PS4 ecosystem. that would have been potential right there.

Mikey322301660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

the 3DS is a Console.. thus there is a massive market. Even the PSP had console like games that did immensely well. and well... the PSP itself did very very very well. there is a massive market for this type of handheld.

Sony just went about it wrong/ supported it wrong. The Vita OS and ecosystem is wrong. The marketing is wrong.

PSNintyGamer1660d ago

I see you edited that comment

MrSwankSinatra1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

the 3ds isn't a console it's a handheld and The PSP did well because it was easy to hack and put homebrew on it.

Mikey322301660d ago

Yes a handheld what..? a handheld book? a handheld computer? ohhhhh its a handheld console. smh

MrSwankSinatra1660d ago

a handheld book? just shut up dumbass....

DanielGearSolid1660d ago

The VitaOS is freaking beautiful...

It would be a perfect smartphone OS imo

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OrangePowerz1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Sony will have put as much money and resources into the PS4 as they felt necessary no matter if they developed also the Vita at that time or not.

Nintendo has an iron grip on the handheld market. It's not the first handheld that wouod be better but looses out. GameGear as a hardware wqs much better, but it still lost and Nintendo took ages to get the GameBoy to the same hardware level as the GameGear. If Sony can get the life time sales of the PSP 70+ million I don't see why they wouldn't make another one. If they fall way below it they might not make another one.

joeorc1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )


while i agree with some of what you stated, not every thing you brought up. the Money for design of the PSVita was nothing to really put for the PS4, hell with the cost's of each game in the Millions anyway, that would be like 3 or 4 games at the most anyway for cost's in design.

for that price the PSVita in engineering design is a steal. It would not have mattered that much anyway.

Well good thing, you will not have to wait very much more before Sony decides that this is the very last dedicated game handheld from them. with the many gamer's with this very same view of Sony's situation.

r what's inside their handhelds for the hardware.

And yet Sony is still giving you more expensive Hardware for the $$$ the consumer is paying for.

example: just in GPU's alone of each device

The Nintendo 3DS single core GPU has 6 MB of Dedicated Video Ram, with the PICA 200 running @ 268 MHz


Sony PSVita has a Quad Core SGX543MP4+ with a dedicated 128 MB of GPU Video Ram, with Each of the 4 Cores in the GPU running over 400 MHz for each core. this is the very same GPU that is inside the iPAD 3! but faster and more memory. But yet.

Even with Sony giving way more hardware for the $$$ the majority of consumer's do not care.

And its very clear no matter what Sony would have done, would not have mattered with many gamer's that would not have purchased the system anyway.

I think Sony is very tired of the crying over the low sales with the system right now at this point, pretty soon i would say that Sony would no doubt move to smartphones and Tablets only at this point in the future.

At this point in my opinion the majority of gamer's deserve this. If many gamer's do not want to pay $$$ for a Handheld with such hardware, Sony may as well at this point say forget it. And indirectly compete with Nintendo in this market like smartphones and Tablets already do anyway.

Leave this part of the Handheld market for Nintendo by themselves, and keep selling 10+ million xperia smartphones per sales Quarter instead of investing into building a dedicated Game handheld and concede this because it would be far cheaper to have a game pad bluetooth synq with a smartphone to give the gamer physical control's and just distribute all playstation portable games via PSN.

Because that is exactly what the vast majority of consumer base is telling Sony to do right now anyway.


there is a very clear signal decline of Perception of the viability of the playstation Portable platform as a Mobile only platform.

And that is exactly why Sony invested 1.6 Billion into smartphone production, and over 300+ million in game distribution over network structure GaiKai, and also taking the playstation Vita platform into also a Micro-console than also invested day and date with the NGP ie: playstation Vita that new game distribution for app store iP's is Playstation Mobile.

I think Sony is getting fed up with this part of the dedicated Handheld market and would be better off investing into smartphones and Tablets than dealing with the dedicated GAME HANDHELD MARKET ANYMORE.

MrSwankSinatra1659d ago

you know thank you, at least someone here can give a educated response.

MNGamer-N1660d ago

I want one but they are too expensive, and lacks compelling software.

Mikey322301660d ago

This comment speaks for why it sales aren't spectacular, while it is a spectacular piece of technology.

Nabbic1660d ago

It has compelling software, just no huge name familiar IPs. It has a bunch of niche titles that are some of the best handheld experiences i've ever had to date, though they're not experiences the general public would rush out to buy.

FantasyStar1660d ago

I don't get it. Both of you are saying the same thing.

Nabbic1660d ago

No, games can be compelling, just not to the general public.
Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, these are all amazing games and do interest gamers. But is a kid going to be interested in these or Mario and Zelda? They're going to pick what they are comfortable with.

This is why the 3DS is doing so popular, it has everything everyone's already used to. The Vita tried to take risks and offer new, original experiences (a la puppeteer) but didn't quite catch the attention they hoped for.
Is it working? Not really.
Will it work for them in the future? Perhaps.

Hicken1660d ago

It's not that much more expensive than its nearest competitor, and offers a far more comprehensive gaming experience and overall functionality.

As for the library... I suppose, if you base the games simply on the big names you see everywhere, then it's not "compelling." But if you're talking about quality, the Vita's library is more than compelling enough.

Muffins12231660d ago

Price cut is incomming and thier are now acully decent games for it,maybe not as good as 3DS catalog but at-least can challenge it.

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DCfan1660d ago

The way they're handling it, sure.

DCfan1660d ago

Keep disagreeing. The thing isn't being marketed enough. It has the games, its niche gaming heaven, but, most of the games are japan only, thats a big problem.

extermin8or1660d ago

Sony said from the start they viewed it as a niche gaming device (maybe they expected it to be less niche than it is currently sales wise however...)

Father__Merrin1660d ago

I think vita is over engineered it would have to come in very cheap lo compete with Ds

if the vita slim and vita tv come in cheap in snazzy colours then sales will pick up

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