Missing Battlefield 4 Veteran Battlepacks Reportedly Available ‘Early March’

MP1st - "Still missing your Battlefield 4 Veteran Battlepack? Chances are, yes.

Since launch, Veteran Battlepacks that were to be made available for all Battlefield 4 players with one or more previous Battlefield games in their library still sit greyed-out and inaccessible for a number of users."

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Majin-vegeta1455d ago

Finally.Also here are some weapon updates coming to BF4.

itisallaboutps1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

i wonder if they are going to make it up to us for all this the bugs glitches and delays! Double XP is just plain stupid specially when gun mods are unlocked by kills not by xp.

Also the timer on obliteration destroyed the game mode it self. even if the majority complained about the timer. the minority was a perfect excuse to put on a timer and later on add the option to take it off when rented servers come out. I love the game but I hate the greedy bastards behind it

n4rc1455d ago

Had no idea I was supposed to get one..

But I have battle packs coming out my arse thanks to premium.. A useless knife isn't exactly a big deal.. I would have preferred the m1911 like bf3

Software_Lover1455d ago

Well I haven't been able to play my Battlefield 3 for about 2 months now (PC) so E.A. can kiss my butt with BF4. Every time I go and join a server the game crashes.

OutcastMosquito1455d ago

Buff semi-auto pistols! They are so damn useless it drives me crazy. It literally takes up to 4-10 actual hits to even kill a guy at medium and long range.

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