Nintendo is set up for Success

While everyone in an uproar with PS4 and Xbox One, little positive has been stated for Nintendo. It seems that in recent month’s gamers take every chance they can to pick on Nintendo. With how poorly everyone seems to think Nintendo is doing they are actually setting themselves up for future success.

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TheSuperior 1578d ago

I think really in the ong one they will have something that Sony and Microsoft will never have but they need to use that. They could be untouchable if they would get with the times; who doesnt love Mario? We just dont want to see him run from one side of the screen to the next every freaking gaming and calling it a new experience... thats worse than Call of Duty

admiralvic1578d ago

"They could be untouchable if they would get with the times"

Nintendo is in a bad place and while fixing this would help, it won't make them unstoppable. If anything, it will make them look like a more viable choice than they currently are.

The problem is, they've alienated third party companies, so they have very little support. Their online system is still a joke and it will take a LONG time and a lot of money to match even the PSN in that regard. Reestablish ties with the core community by finally listening to fans. Enabling the most basic of features like region free and basically prove that they're worth supporting.

I enjoy their games, I like the concept of the Wii U and the 3DS has some decent games, but they need to sink a lot of time and money into solving their issues before they can match Sony or M$ in this or any future generation.

wonderfulmonkeyman1578d ago

Sorry, but i gotta disagree with you on the internet front.
The only two things that nintendo needs t to do, are make digital games tied to an account system, and remove region locks.
Maybe add chat and stamp collection support(instead of trophies you can't even use), as well.
Their online play is extremely stable and enjoyable, they just need a bigger install base for certain games.
Plus, it's the only one of the three that is 100% free.

erathaol1578d ago

Best of luck to Nintendo this year, looking forward to what they show at E3 this year.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1578d ago

Another opinion!!!! really common.. more opinions then NEWS

KevinCubes1578d ago

Iwata is holding Nintendo back at this pace they'll never evolve.

lilbroRx1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Iwata made Nintendo more money than Sony and Microsoft's gaming divisions combined and brought in the highest selling games in history.

Nintendo is now worth more than Sony, the biggest hardware company in Japan, thanks to Iwata.

Please explain how Iwata is holding back the company.

Dgander1578d ago

Iwata is good for Nintendo but the only thing he is holding back at this point is the Wii U. The console has so much potential and he seems to not care about what the fans are asking for. Nintendo as a whole will always be good.

programmer1121578d ago

All we need is a Pokemon Wii U, all new adventure in 3d. the new console would sell like hotcakes.

FlyingFoxy1577d ago

Not everyone likes Pokemon or the way it plays, i just want a new Conker or BK game.. but probably never gonna happen on Wii U. If only they could buy them back.

A new starfox, similar to the 64 one but with many more levels and a harder difficulty would be awesome too.

SonyKong641577d ago

if only.. had rare not sold out to Microsoft, Nintendo would be in a much much better position right now.

the Wii U would be doing just fine with new 3D DK adventure game, new star fox, conkers, perfect dark, banjo, jet force.. imagine viva Pinata with the gamepad, or a envisioned diddy kong racing..

Microsoft could have me buying the one if only they'd release rare from their greedy bondage via Kinect rape = /

the death of rareware is truly depressing for any classic 90s gamer..

Activemessiah1578d ago

All they have to do is announce certain titles and that's it.

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The story is too old to be commented.