GameStop Carrying Exclusive Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DualShock 3 Controller

The DualShock series of controllers have never been too short in their selection of colors, but unlike Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller, there has never been any type of creative or unique design applied to the controllers, until now. GameStop is currently offering a limited edition Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII controller at the price of $59.99.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1576d ago

thats sickk bout time sony starts to do this. hope this starts to happen a lot to DS4

Ultr1576d ago

That would be really cool!
I want an Infamous and Uncharted one oooh awesome!
(btw I got the God of war one for ps3, awesomesauce)

Summons751576d ago

Nice but 60 bucks is way too high....55 for a normal controller is ridiculous to begin with.

GenericNameHere1576d ago

Should I get this, or a Dualshock 4? I don't really need a new DS3, but when I'm playing Kingdom Hearts HD, Sora sometimes stutters around when running. I like the branding on this DS3. If it turns out to really be limited, sure I'll grab one. But on the other hand, the DS4 also works fine with some PS3 games, and I'll have another controller when I get a PS4 someday.