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Titanfall Runs on an Original Modded Source Engine, Not Source 2.0

Kenneth Shepard writes: "In a Twitter exchange Respawn Community Manager, Abbie Heppe confirmed that Titanfall will run on a modified version of the original Source Engine, and not the recently revealed Source 2.0." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Credit url: spawnfirst.com
Hatsune-Miku  +   523d ago
It shows in how the game looks
SuperLupe  +   523d ago
Looks decent graphically, not mindblowing. Just good enough to not be dissapointing.
georgeenoob  +   523d ago
Exactly. And multiplayer games are all about gameplay, which Titanfall excels at.
adventureghost124  +   523d ago
You should really stop talking on this website. Everyone knows who you are, and your not fooling anyone but yourself. I can practically guarantee you have never played it before and you are just saying that it automatically excels in it.
Farmassy  +   523d ago

You are probably right. He probably hasn't played the game... but maybe he is basing his opinion off of ALL of the positive impressions that have been coming in about the game.

It isn't always necessary to try something to know it will be great. I have never given birth before but I am pretty sure it shows some benefit
Septic  +   523d ago
Pretty impressive considering how old the tech is.

I like how Respawn approached Titanfall. Less focus on visuals for the sake of it and more emphasis on gameplay.

They clearly sat down and thought about how to develop the competitive fps genre further, not slap a generic game with fancy visuals. Substance over style.
hellzsupernova  +   523d ago
I have always been in the gameplay over graphics side. As long as it doesn't look terrible I'm fine with that. Granted better graphics is a bonus, and helps with the emersion
JokesOnYou  +   523d ago
I'm a graphics lover but it's always been a distant secondary appeal for me. Never underestimate the importance of graphics they can add alot to the believability/overall immersion. That said gameplay is paramount.

Sure the best case scenario would be Titanfall with Ryse quality graphics and down the road plenty of games may achieve both on both platforms but the bottom line is in March 2014 I'd rather play Titanfall that has been praised for gameplay with good graphics vs KZ SF/Ryse that has great/superb graphics but the general consensus is that the gameplay is NOT the highlight/best part of the game.

btw I haven't played KZ SF and Ryse imo was a good game.
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erathaol  +   523d ago
Does this rule out Source Engine Modders having an easy time?

truefan1  +   523d ago
I agree I just want to have fun, can't wait for the beta.
Gamer1982  +   522d ago
Explains why they have had limitations though. As great as the source 1.0 engine is it is a very old engine. They obviously used it as its a free engine and this being there first game couldn't afford something like unreal engine for there game. Plus source engine was made for PC architecture something the new 2 consoles are built on.. Makes me think the 360 versions gonna be terrible though.. It will port nicely to the One though just a shame they are not using the Source 2 engine which has more features and stuff not even heavy modding can accomplish..
UnHoly_One  +   523d ago
lol, right.

You are just seeing what you want to see.
Irishguy95  +   523d ago
At least they have the balls to admit they are using an old engine while heavily modified, Bethesda said they were using a new engine for Skyrim. Turned out that no...they were still using that piece of ****. I'm surprised how good Titanfall looks considering it's on source.

Also jonboi...Respawn don't belong to EA. Source engine is proven and reliable. Respawn can use what engine they want to use.
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Gamer1982  +   522d ago
Indeed and look at Skyrim and mods for examples of how modding anything bogs down resources. Using an up to date engine means less resources. Modding an engine means more resources required. It's why I feel they ended up limiting the game in the end. But being there first game they had to go with an engine that was free in source and also was easy to port to Xbox One from day of starting as it is now basically PC architecture.
Austacker  +   523d ago

Well I HAVE played the game already mate and can tell you from first hand experience this FPS will blow the doors off anything on the market today.

This game is a system seller and no, I'm not a EA or MS shill. I mostly play Battlefield today, but once Titanfall arrives, I'm porting across.

There's nothing like it out there now and it plays *incredible*

This game will sell like hotcakes. I'm already pre-ordered & pre-paid, on a simple 30 gameplay experience I've already had.

Prepare for greatness - in Titanfall!!!
Mikeyy  +   523d ago
Instead of writing all that fluff why don't you tell us WHY its "revolutionary"? Site specific examples if you can please. You all keep saying its amazing yet all the leaked footage just shows us a cod clone??
Austacker  +   523d ago

The dynamics of the gaming environment, the balance between the Titans and the Pilots, the AI inclusion on the battlefield, the Pilot mobility.

It's honestly fairly difficult to put into words an experience like this one, but it's a classic light bulb moment once you try it.

There's a public beta in a couple weeks. A lot of answers for those who haven't had hands on yet will be offered then.

But trust me when I say when you play this, you'll have a very hard time going back to your current crop of FPS options out there today.
jgrigs09  +   523d ago
@Mikeyy how is it a COD clone? Does that mean all FPS are clones?
Gamer1982  +   522d ago
If its that good then PC has the winner not Xbox One as PC is the place to play titanfall. I can build a PC for less than an Xbox one that will run it at 1080p.
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jonboi24  +   523d ago
I wonder why they used the Source engine instead the Frostbite 3 engine, it's pretty much being used for all of EA non-sport games. Its definitely a more powerful engine.
SuperLupe  +   523d ago
I dont know, maybe time ? I guess Frostbite would have had them launching the game 6 months later who knows.
theWB27  +   523d ago
Manpower and time. Source is alot more familiar, quicker to develop for and Respawn isn't a big team. Simple as that.
Dlacy13g  +   523d ago
Frostbite is an EA developer engine for internal studios. Respawn is not an EA internal studio, they merely made an agreement with EA to publish their game as part of the EA Partners program.
andrewsqual  +   523d ago
It was something to do with it being good for PS3 earlier in development. Also Valve proved it was an incredible engine for use with PS3 because you can play with PC players in Co-Op on Portal 2. Holy crap, better pay to keep this game off Playstation platforms forever Microsoft, or it will look bad if the PS3 version has more features than the Xbone while outputting at the EXACT same resolution.
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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   523d ago
What a Fanboyish comment lol, OMG Source was built on OpenGL so it's will preforms better on PS3 than X1... Yeah... sure it would XD
Lilrizky  +   523d ago
They possibly wanted different tech to have a different overall look, feel and style to the Battlefield series. If you look at Medal of Honor, it has a similar visual style and feel to BF even though it is nowhere near as good as it.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   523d ago
it was in development before FB3 was EA's flagship engine.
dogdirt2000  +   523d ago
Frostbite can't be licensed by external developers - it's for EA internal studios only.
Hellsvacancy  +   523d ago
MS wanted it to be made quickly and as cheap as possible
N2NOther  +   522d ago
Because Respawn isn't owned by EA, and they are simply publishing. Using Frostbite means they would have to license it. Sure, the licensed Source, but it probably made more long-term financial sense for the upstart.
SilentSolid  +   523d ago
Good engine. But a bit outdated.
Hicken  +   523d ago
A bit? Isn't Source older than the 360?
SilentSolid  +   523d ago
It's old ye. But source engine is great for competitive shooters. So I don't blame them for using it.
RevXM  +   523d ago
Still not as old as that COD quake engine tho.
dogdirt2000  +   523d ago
Not if you have access to the code, though, and modify it how you choose fit.
Duke19  +   523d ago
Surprised its able to look as good as it does, knowing that its based off the good yet very dated Source Engine.
Wizard_King  +   523d ago
The Source engine is modular in design and is in a state now that is nearly completely different to the Source engine that was around when TF2 or Portal arrived and that was very different to the Source engine that HL2 was launched on.

Source engine 2.0 will just be the same modular engine with better aspects added into it.

Valve has been very smart with the Source engine allowing it to improve and evolve over time, something other developers are just now figuring out how to do *cough* DICE, Frosbite 3 *cough*.

The Source Engine has a very long and bright future ahead of it.
thezeldadoth  +   523d ago
portal 2 still looks amazing and much more pleasing to the eyes than most games
dogdirt2000  +   523d ago
I don't know why you'd be surprised when they have complete access to the code-base to change whatever parts they have to.
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lonewolfjedi  +   523d ago
Can't wait to find out the PC minimum specs for this game and the resolution on xbox one.
kiz2694  +   523d ago
Me to but I thought it was confirmed to be 720p unscaled to 1080p on X1. If the game is running on source does that mean the PC requirements might be quite low, for such a optimized and don't mean in a bad way old engine.
Wizard_King  +   523d ago
maxed on an 8800GTX with 512mb of GDDR3 of RAM from all the way back in 2006...
MRMagoo123  +   523d ago
pretty much any newish laptop will be able to play it, and i am pretty sure it will run fine on any desktop pc with dedicated graphics card.
donnieboy  +   523d ago
lol source
Godz Kastro  +   523d ago
I cant see myself worrying about the engine much as I'm having a blast playing the game. Everyone on my friends list who played it cant stop talking about it. Even the cynical ones... come on march 11th!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tctczach  +   523d ago
I'm pretty sure this is old news.
Dlacy13g  +   523d ago
This is very old news....
Rivitur  +   523d ago
No shit we've been knowing this.
HarryB  +   523d ago
This is old news. Actually we heard this news well over a year ago. But what they did to the game looks fantastic.
Fishy Fingers  +   523d ago
Like welcoming an old friend. Personally I think the game looks great, not setting any benchmarks but with that much going on on-screen I'm not going to care and it promises reasonably hardware requirements on PC because your going to want that high frame rate.
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AnEwGuY  +   523d ago
This was known within days...if not hours...of the game's official announcement. Great job guys. /s
1nsomniac  +   523d ago
What I don't understand is how they can possibly make the Source engine run so badly on "Next-gen" tech.

My Amstrad could run the source engine! /s
Wizard_King  +   523d ago
Its because Respawn has no affiliation with Valve and are a below average developer.

West and Zampella are just money grubbing whores like the giant tit they got fired from Activision.

There game will prove this, I hope it fails, Respawn goes under and these 2 slimes leave gaming for good.
N2NOther  +   522d ago
Right, because they only created the most successful franchise of the past generation. Clearly they've done something right as "below average developers."

And Jason West hasn't been at Respawn for well over a year.
jay2  +   523d ago
Fair enough, can't wait for the beta, I'll grab it on pc.
dennett316  +   523d ago
The old Source engine - modded or not - and they can only get to 720p? Source runs at 1080p on a potato for goodness sake!
Some decent graphical effects there, but enough to force the resolution drop?
I'm sure it'll play great, it looks fun, but that kind of technical limitation really shouldn't exist on a machine costing $500 when 1080p has been the standard for years now.
XtraTrstrL  +   523d ago
Wow, never knew this. I guess it's good advertising for Source 2.0 if this game ends up being good. Source 2.0 L4D2 screenshot comparisons looked amazing. The texture quality of Titanfall left something to be desired, so I guess it makes sense it's based on the old Source 1.0, was aight looking still though. One thing I always liked about Source was that it got great performance and good visuals out of even the least capable PCs.
AceBlazer13  +   523d ago
So many people suddenly prefer gameplay over graphics. You know yourselves
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Milruka  +   522d ago
Before they announced this people freaked out about how amazing the game looked.

People always trashing on source engine and what no.

Now that its been announced people are like "oh the game looks okay"

N2NOther  +   522d ago
This was a known thing since the reveal in June.
Milruka  +   522d ago
"known" doesn't look like it from all the replies does it.
N2NOther  +   522d ago
I chalk this ignorance up with the same people that were surprised it had no single player campaign and no split-screen.

Google "Titanfall" and "Source" together and you will see this information dates back to before E3.

It was a known thing. Can't help others' wilful ignorance.

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