Titanfall PC Version will "NOT " support Xbox One controller, Respawn Confirms

BehindGames Writes: Titanfall on PC will not support Xbox One controller, a few hours ago Respawn answered a question by mistake and told its fans that Titanfall PC version will support Xbox One controller.

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hello121575d ago

Tired from work. I read that wrong for just a second. I thought it said The x box one would not support the x box one controller lol

abzdine1575d ago

...but it supports DS4!

hello121575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I have only 1 bubble, but the x box 1 controller had no usb wire with that might be causing an issue. It sucks it didn't come with it,.

The 360 you also couldn't use a wireless controller without a x box connecting/pc device.

I think the 360 wired one worked if i remember correctly?

dericb111575d ago

Wierd cause didn't they use Xbox controllers on a PC and say that it was Xbox One. This game is really all over the place. Something new and odd all the time now.

JodyCones1575d ago

Yeah I'm good with my dualshock 4 & keyboard and mouse. I would even use the 360 controller before the xbone controller personally, in my opinion they're both better.

BattleAxe1574d ago

Good thing since the 360 controller is far better than the Xbox One controller. They should have never changed the design.

xDHAV0K24x1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

sicker than a tupac dedication to biggie *vomits*

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Lior1575d ago

As a pc gamer with a high end machine I do play my games on the 360 controller as I came from the ps3. If i do have to use a mouse and keyboard I can do like games such as insurgency which is amazing. My skills with the controller are very good but on PC I need to work on my aim a bit more

cabbitwithscissors1574d ago

I feel that pc games should be played with keyboard and mouse. Maybe it's just me :)

GentlemenRUs1575d ago

It will but not officially.

thejigisup1575d ago

Same, just read that and thought they weren't going to support the new controller....wait, wtf

Trunkz Jr1575d ago

Should we care that it doesn't?

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The story is too old to be commented.