DualShockers ShockCast Ep. 159 - "The Resolutionary War"

David Rodriguez writes, "Graphics. Resolution. Frame-rate. Anti-aliasing. Dynamic shadows. Pixels. How important are they to your gaming experience?

This week on the ShockCast we talked about just that. Not from a fanboy perspective, but from the perspective of gamers judging any and all experiences. How much do graphics and all of its attributes figure in to the overall experience of gaming?

We also talked about gaming experiences that have stuck with us throughout the years. Since we spend so much time talking about the future, it doesn’t hurt to look back every now and then. Finally, we ended with a rundown of some of the recent stories in the news."

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thorstein1508d ago

They mattered all last generation, which was weird because multiplats often were the same, but exclusives like [insert Naughty Dog Title here] were absolutely beautiful.

And though Demon's Souls wasn't AAA graphics, I loved the way the game looked. It was maligned for no other reason than it was an exclusive (google "Demon's Souls overrated" to see what I mean).

So, I guess that, while a beautiful, smooth game would be a delight to play, I still need engaging characters, narrative, and gameplay.

GeraltofRivia1508d ago

I used to think graphics did not mean shit until I played a pc game at 1080p and eventually at 1600p (2560 x 1600). It has been nothing but visual bliss since then. It has proven to me that "next gen console" translates to "re-branded 6 year old low end gaming pc." All those cores and "next gen" hardware console marketing doesn't have shit when it comes to pc gaming. I still enjoy console exclusives however I enjoy better graphics much more.

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago

To me, despite my experience with high end graphics, i feel that too much focus is being put on how many extra sparkles each scene has.
Its irritating to me, to see people try to use graphics(or anything other than sequence) to define a next gen console.
Its the biggest reason why i haven't gotten a ps4 yet, actually; i wasn't sold by their e3 performance, and from what I've played of the games on the system through a friends ps4, i can honestly say that graphics don't make up for the lack of interesting gameplay concepts present in their launch lineup.
Knack came close to impressing me-but that was about it, sadly...