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Angie Santiago reports: "GameStop has just gotten a fresh restock of PS4 consoles today and there are a slew of bundle options. There doesn’t seem to be a restock of the standalone console, but at least you can get a bundle."

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XiSasukeUchiha1513d ago

Damn let PS4 conquest begin!

afterMoth1513d ago

Sony's plan was simple. Provide something gamers want, the absolute beast in console power (leaps above the rest of the competition). Don't pack in some gimmicky tv channel changer adding unneeded costs to the system (Offer it as a choice for those that want it).

Boody-Bandit1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Bummer there are only bundled versions left. I was thinking of picking up another for my media room.

I'm waiting for a great deal on the Vita so I can use remote play.

ITPython1513d ago

Pretty sleazy of Gamestop to only offer the most expensive versions of the PS4. They knew darn well what they were doing and purposely didn't order any stand alone versions.

Funny thing is, they probably would have sold out 10X's faster if they offered stand alone versions @ $399. But they probably figure they will sell eventually, and will make more money out of the limited stock they get.

I always hated gamestop, and this is just another reason to avoid them like the plague.

fanboybeatdown1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

sorry, how is that sleazy?

I really don't understand that logic. IF they have stock, they can offer whatever deal they want, can't they?

What does appear to be true is that the demand for PS4 is confined to the $399 pricepoint.

As soon as the Ps4 price rises to $450-$500, the demand does seem to fall away, significantly.

That also explains the unsold supply of brand new PS4s for $450-$500 on Amazon.

ITPython1512d ago

It's sleazy because they know the PS4 is high in demand, so by getting the most expensive bundle they could get, insures they make more money. Which by itself is fine, businesses are out to make money.

However since the PS4 is in such demand and hard to find, people often feel cornered and feel they have to buy whatever they can whenever it is in stock ASAP, in fear it will be out of stock again for a long time. They are desperate, so they take whatever is offered, even if they don't want all the extra stuff that comes in the bundle. GS knows this and deliberately chose to only offer the most expensive bundles possible for their benefit, rather than for the customers benefit.

Also PS4 not selling well from third party sellers on Amazon is no indication of the demand falling due to their prices. It's because they are third party, and people would much rather purchase through well known and trusted vendors that they can easily return items to and deal with. Plus nobody really wants to buy a barebones PS4 for $580 when they can get one for $400 when they come back in stock.

JRH77831513d ago

I've had my PS4 for quite a while now, but the PS4 is easier to find than the Playstation 4 camera is. I've been searching for a camera and they are sold out in the stores and online. Amazon has it listed over $100 dollars.


lawgone1513d ago

I noticed that too. Interesting since no one wants a camera lol.

Ares84HU1513d ago

I have a PS camera and let me tell you, there isn't much use for it.

They should make some games like they had for PS Move on PS3.

parentoftheyear1513d ago

I've been looking everywhere for the camera. :( really expensive on eBay.

hellzsupernova1513d ago

I don't think they anticipated demand.

morganfell1513d ago

I have the camera and use it constantly. I guess it's a matter of preference. And that is the thing with the PS4 - you choose whether you want it.

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Hicken1513d ago

Oh, the standalone is probably available. It's like GameStop creating the bundles to make a profit of some sort.

Bolts-N-Rays11091513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

They had some PS4's at my Target yesterday. I was so tempted to buy one, but held off.

ziggurcat1513d ago

you should have bitten that bullet.

Bolts-N-Rays11091513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

I was so close to getting someone to open the glass door, but I'm buying an XB1 here in a couple of weeks. I can't spend a grand total on these consoles so close together.

EDIT: Bring on the disagrees because I'm getting an XB1.

SoapShoes1513d ago

^Now I know you're trolling...

afterMoth1513d ago

If you want to pay more for ridiculously less performance go for it. It is your money :)

UnrealThreats1513d ago

The funny thing is that people in my town are still paying $500+ for a ps4 console.

lawgone1513d ago

@ Bolts ...Lol so sad, I saw you got 3 disagrees for getting the XB1 first. That's what I did so I'll get some disagrees from the Sony fankids too. But I got the PS4 from Gamestop last Thursday. I really like it so far.

Bolts-N-Rays11091513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Fanboys... Its not like I'm not going to get a PS4. I'm looking forward to getting one, but their are no games on it that I'm interested in. I'll have one by the summer.


Nope. Not trolling at all. Enjoy your PS4. I'll enjoy mine in due time.

ThePope1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Here's the thing. The Sony fanboys can't handle anything that they perceive as negative towards Sony. Its insane their like rabid dogs protecting their owner. (That's not said with a negative connotation its just a good analogy).

And while some might say Xbox fanboys are the same, their not. Its more of a defense, since anything negative said about MS is taken as doomsday by the Sony fanboys.

The PS4 is great, but that doesn't make the Xbox One crap. In fact its a really really great system! I can't wait to watch it grow. As I can't wait to get a PS4 for anything Naughty Dog makes.

Snookies121513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

@ThePope - No, you're wrong. It's not just Sony fanboys, it's fanboys in general. I have seen absolutely awful Nintendo, PC, and Xbox fanboys as well. Please don't call out one group in particular when there are people who are just as bad on all sides of this stupid platform dedication thing people are so hung up on. The fanboy thing in general just needs to go. It's just in really poor taste.

SoapShoes1513d ago

@Bolts, I don't even have a PS4 and won't till maybe the end of the year because I, like you, don't have the money. I, however, don't go and nearly purchase something I don't have the money to do so.

Hicken1512d ago

Well, let's use our heads a little, shall we?

The XB1 has, by and large, been readily on shelves pretty much everywhere. No rush to get it; it'll be there in a few weeks, or even later, right?

By contrast, the PS4 has been rather difficult to find on a large scale ever since it launched. it's only recently that stock has been replenished in most places, and it's possible that said supply could run out again soon.

With his interest in the two consoles being virtually equal(or else why come so close to buying a PS4?), wouldn't it make MORE sense to buy the one that's been harder to find when you get the chance? To boot, it costs less money, meaning less funds to build back up(even though the total would be the same either way, buying the more expensive item would leave you $100 shorter, meaning that's $100 more you have to save for next time).

Furthermore, if he wished to play online(and according to all the Xbox fanboys, nobody buys a next-gen console without intending to play online), then he's either gonna spend $50 or $60 on online for the PS4 and XB1, respectively. Spending the former amount will net you a better return instantly, as you'll be gifted with a handful of games IMMEDIATELY.

Unless there were specific games coming for the XB1 that Bolts wanted to play first, there's no logical reason why he would have chosen the XB1 over the PS4. And since he didn't intimate any such games WERE the reason, we have to conclude his reasoning was NOT logical.

Those of us with sound reasoning and the ability to think logically would, naturally, disagree with him.

When your only interpretation of disagrees is "Fanboys! Gotta be the fanboys!" and you complain about it, odds are that's because you're trapped in a fanboy mentality, yourself. lawgone, you're quick to blame "Sony fanboys" for every disagree and every bad thing Microsoft does, so that gives us some insight as to your own level of fandom. ThePope, your comment history speaks for itself. Bolts, your comments are fairly reasonable, but I notice a distinct lack of "Xbox fanboys!" in your comments, while you definitely point out their Sony counterparts without hesitation.

All three of you- and others, most certainly- are predisposed to believe that any disagrees you get are the work of Sony fanboys, and therefore didn't even consider there would be any other cause. Which, ironically, would only give you MORE disagrees, and serve to prove- in your minds, at least- that you're right; in reality, anybody using common sense would likely also disagree with you.

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lawgone1513d ago

Speaking of that, I was a little worried when I got mine last week because it's been like -10 here. I was afraid of how long it sat on a truck like that. But when I hooked it up everything worked fine.
(Note: It was room temp when I hooked it up and I transported it home in my car not my trunk.)

Letthewookiewin1513d ago

Haha it's -1 here in Akron Ohio too. But my PS4 was cozy :)

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