Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Proves Bethesda is Unfazed by Naysayers

Hardcore Gamer: Sure, there are plenty of naysayers when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online. Of course, there are also plenty of folks singing its praises. In fact, it's been a while since we've seen a game with such a starkly divided audience; on one end, there are players announcing its failure already, while on the other end folks are saying it's the "WoW-killer". Clearly both sides are equally as ridiculous, so thankfully there are still some of us who are using logic and a sound mind to approach to the whole situation.

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-Foxtrot1634d ago

Not really, those things go into design when the game is nearly ready.

They probably got into it, saw the reaction but decided to pump it out anyway....most likely they reduced the number of units though.

xPhearR3dx1634d ago

The beta has been going on for what, a year now? Those hate reactions have been coming just as long. Fact is, the internet loves to hate. There may be thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people saying it will fail and hate on it. But there's millions that will enjoy it and purchase it.

I already planned on purchasing the game as I enjoyed the beta and the huge amount of improvements with each phase. As a huge Elder Scrolls fan, an extra $40 for a statue and that book alone are well worth it. So that's the edition I'll be getting.

thekhurg1634d ago

The only people really talking about the beta with breaking the NDA are the people that don't like it. There are plenty of people absolutely loving the beta and proving Zenimax Online with a lot of constructive criticism and positive impressions.

xPhearR3dx1634d ago


I would be one of those people :)

Can't wait until the next beta. Also the PS4 beta, even though I'm getting it on PC, I'm eager to see how it plays with a controller.

OrangePowerz1634d ago

For 150 bucks they should include 3-6 months of subscription.

xPhearR3dx1634d ago

It's not $150, it's $100.

OrangePowerz1634d ago

The console imperial version is 130£ or 150€ depending where in Europe you are. Not sure what they charge in the states for the console version.

xPhearR3dx1634d ago

Both the PC and console Imperial Editions are $100 here in the US. Unless you get the digital version (PC/Mac Only) which is $80.

admiralvic1634d ago

Normally I would agree, but I got the Skyrim CE (not at MSRP) and the art book looked like something you would pay $30+ at a retail store for.

xPhearR3dx1634d ago

Agreed. That art book surprised me with it's quality. Still got mine in the plastic sleeve. I'm hoping the book that comes with the Imperial Edition is the same quality.

Drithe1634d ago

Pvp in mmos is NOT for the faint of heart. If it was just a pure pvp game it would bomb terribly.

Dark Age of Camelot lasted for years successfully because it had a great PVE aspect, along with the pvp, that made peeps play together. Of course this completely changed in the later years and was made more solo friendly.

Don't even get me started about ELITES taking over in pvp games that can get others frustrated and make them rage quit. lol.

Kal8531634d ago

Come on Bethesda, announce Fallout 4 already!

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