Top 5 Anticipated Games for 2014

A run down of five of the games, released in 2014, we're most excited for.

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cellur1111604d ago

Id put watch dogs instead of titanfall.

corvusmd1604d ago

I understand that it's your opinion, so I respect that. However, pretending that Titanfall isn't #1, let alone on the list is just ridiculous. It's already won more awards than any other game out there. All the games are top notch games on this list, but the two questionable ones in my opinion are Evil Within and Order..not that they are horrible games by any means, but there are a ton this year I'm more excited about than those:
Dying Light
Witcher 3
Quantum Break
Watch Dogs.....just to name a few

cellur1111604d ago

Titanfall is just another shooter only this time it has big robots.

captainexplosion1604d ago

Terrible list. No CoD, Watch Dogs, or Assassins Creed, and a game Ive never heard of.