The New PS Vita slim console leaked by retailer for west, pre-orders start tomorrow

A retailer's ad has leaked what may be Sony's big "slim" reveal set for tomorrow.

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Beetey1455d ago

Biggest surprise of the year right there.

OrangePowerz1455d ago

Prefer the launch Vita, the OLED is just better compared to the LCD. Obviously OLED is more expensive.

dcb771455d ago

I have a slim and I love it. so much lighter. I actually like the new screen better. Hard to explain why but it's easier on the eyes for some reason

mrbojingles1455d ago

Can't wait to pre-order one myself even if its inferior to the OLED model

Kurisu1455d ago

Wasn't expecting it to be that slim! I think it looks nice.

WeAreLegion1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Should have had Minecraft ready and pre-installed on all these new slims. Huge selling point for kids.

Edit: Wow. I just read the article. The author beat me to it with the Minecraft thing. Lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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