Microsoft: Black Tusk Working on Gears Only for a Week; Not Sure if it'll Be Xbox One/360 Cross Gen

Microsoft's Phil Spencer is very confident in the ability of Black Tusk Studio to restore the glory of the Gears of War franchise, but it'll be a while until we see the results, and he's still not sure if the game will land on Xbox 360 too.

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ape0071632d ago

go for a complete nextgen unreal engine 4 development

lifeisgamesok1632d ago


I want to see powered by Unreal Engine 4

And push the graphics and gameplay to the max :)

GameNameFame1632d ago

From scratch? So what. It will take 3-4 years?

MS has been reading 4 years before halo was transitioned.

Also, given Black Tusk has been having "quality issues" with their now shelved IP. and weak or no track record.

This transition is going to be worse than Halo.

ZodTheRipper1632d ago

Cross-gen Gears would be a joke. How can you even consider that at this point?

AngelicIceDiamond1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

@ape Highly agreed.

Why hold back next gen? This game needs Unreal Engine 4 exclusively on X1. Not only to show off the latest Unreal Engine but dammit let it be truly next gen game with no hold backs.

ape0071632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Cost $$$

truefan11632d ago

I think he was being pc, he knows it isn't going to be on 360. It wont be out until like 2016, focus on making it the best title it can be on XB1.

mos61421632d ago

Unreal 4 only works on next gen imo, phil is just playing coy.

Christopher1632d ago

It'll be XB1 only, IMHO. Wouldn't make sense to not be as such to help sell more consoles.

christocolus1632d ago


Its definitly going to be developed for xbx one using the unreal engine 4. Lionhead is using it already and a next gen gears wouldnt actually be next gen if it was developed using last gens unreal engine.

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GiantEnemyCrab1632d ago

I really hope they don't make this a cross platform. By the time the game is released they need to move on from the 360. Otherwise we are going to end up with a slightly upscaled 360 version running at 30fps on UE3.

Dlacy13g1632d ago

make it next gen only...if they really feel they need to have it on 360 then shop out a down port to a different studio like Titanfall is doing.

pyramidshead1632d ago

Definitely drop that last gen. It'll be a 2016 title, Next(current) gen will be well along by then.

-Foxtrot1632d ago

I thought cross gen was only for the beginning on this gen, like the transition between last gen and this one.

When Gears 4 is done it should be by late next year or even early 2016 meaning two years would have passed since these consoles were released.

What would be the point of a 360 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.