Review: Nyko Xbox One Charge Base (New Gamer Nation)

There is something quite infuriating about needing AA batteries to use a wireless controller in this day and age, which still leaves me a little put off when using the Xbox One controller. What makes matters even worse is that there is no way to check how much battery life you have left on the Xbox One controller whether you use AA batteries or even if you use a Microsoft rechargeable battery pack. So when you are playing online and your battery just dies and turns off your controller, instead of scrambling to find some batteries to throw in quickly before you get p0wned, do yourself a favor and pickup Nyko’s Charge Base and avoid the headache and drama all together.

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Sayai jin1605d ago

It's not too shabby. I wished that had designed it to having a smaller footprint.

newgamernation1605d ago

I could definitely get on board with that sentiment, but otherwise, it is a solid peripheral!

giovonni1605d ago

I have one and it's dope for the price

Sayai jin1605d ago

Either your old school or something. I have not heard someone refer to something as "dope" in a while...LOL! I'm old school so use this word at times.

On topic, the first one I brought did not charge so I took it back and it is working well. The battery life is great.

giovonni1605d ago

Yup I am classified by the teens as being old school lol. I had the same issue took it back and I was good

mhunterjr1605d ago

I love the fact that the xbox1 controller uses AA. For 10 bucks I got a battery charger, and a couple sets of rechargeable batteries.

Since the xb1 launched I've had to swap batteries twice. Just take one set out of the charger, put the new ones in.

I know guys who have to play with their controllers plugged in because their lithium batteries only get a couple hours to a charge.

That said, the lack of a battery indicator on xb1 sucks.

Bigpappy1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I started using Nyko with the 360. I liked it so much, that I bought one the same day I bought my X1. Batteries last a long, long time (Years). Each charge last me about 8 hrs of gameplay.