Iranian game look like next generation of skyrim

New Iranian game that look like next generation of skyrim is gorgeous. Picture of game is so well. This game is in genre of H&S and Tell story of young person from one of greatest book in Iran, Shahnameh. May be you played Garshāsp and know about this book.developer team use Unity engine. The game named Legacy of Alborz(correct name of the game that you see in google translate Alborz heritage).

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Muffins12231627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

This game looks like shit lol....

hellzsupernova1627d ago

I struggled to read the blurb describing the article

minimur121627d ago

it's like Doge is trying to talk

Bigpappy1627d ago

It is a translation. Look quite good for a first effort, if that is what we have here. I have never seen a game come out of Iran. I would like to see more games come from that general area. I prefer to see these young people focus on entertainment that how to kill other humans. There are lot of people in the Arab culture who do not support the governments that engage in this jihadist mindset. Most of you do not get that these people are living as captives in their own state. Other are thought that their religion requires them to kill people who see things different from them.

We are all humans and all capable of great things or destruction.

KillrateOmega1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I can only assume that English was not the first language of the author of the description.

On topic:
I guess I can maybe see some sort of resemblance to Skyrim; however, if there was a next-gen Elder Scrolls, I doubt it would look like this.

darksky1627d ago


Why because it's Iranian? Looks ok to me, not better than Skyrim but similar.

Maxor1627d ago

Its a game coming from one of the most oppressed culture on earth. So yeah. It's safe to assume, sight unseen that it will be shit.

Muffins12231627d ago

They probably used gmod and used lens effects and made some cool poses:Iranian government:"We make the best games look how real this looks!!!" lololol

tee_bag2421626d ago

@ Maxor you close minded bigot.

AnotherProGamer1626d ago

So you're saying it is the next gen skyrim :p

Christopher1626d ago

Maybe next generation of Morrowind?

liquidhalos1626d ago

I hard the Devs are being pushed hard for parity on this one :P

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iceman13461627d ago

ohh yeah.."next gen skyrim"

thewildbeard1627d ago

"Picture of game is so well"? Who wrote that opening? haha

SilentNegotiator1626d ago


Well, Unearthed turned out great; I look forward to another game out of Iran. lol

mynameisq1627d ago

Looks decent but comparisons to Skyrim are obviously falling well short.

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