Mario Air Coming to the Wii U?

Sources say that Nintendo is working on a new development of Mario called "Mario Air"

There is not much detail as of yet that was given but it seems like we may be looking at a Mario Kart type game with Airplanes or possible Mario dogfight style game. Guess time will tell but this could be a nice step in the right direction for the Wii U

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gnomefighter3d1604d ago

Sounds amazing! Hopefully it's true, like a Mario style "Crimson Skies" type dogfight game, utilizing the Nintendo Characters. Each Character has different style plane and special abilities.

king_george1603d ago

That sounds awesome lol i'd play that. See this is Nintendo's biggest advantage imo, their characters and universes. Nobody can bring characters from different games together like nintendo can

NukaCola1603d ago

A Mario flight game would be sick. Link riding on a bird, Samus in her ship, Bayonetta in a "hair-plane"

I'd love some dogfighting with awesome power ups with racing, battle spaces, challenges, and maybe some epic boss fights.

thezeldadoth1603d ago

i could see that being really fun in a smash bros. sort of way. really fun with lots of depth for those who want to improve at it

3-4-51603d ago

IF they were smart they would just make Crimson Skies + Mario characters + some other random Nintendo characters.

Throw in a New IP character like they did with Ike (Fire Emblem) on SSM for Gamecube, and you can introduce a new IP, that itself also advertises for another new IP.

Chrischi19881602d ago

Yes! Thats a great idea! Somebody at Nintendo did some great thinking :D

Vengeance11381604d ago

Heaven forbid Ninty would even attempt a game without Mario... he is overwhelmingly a crutch

MONKEYDLUFFY1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

You'd rather the game features characters noone cares about and sell poorly?

If it's a game like w101 sure I'd love new characters. But in just a dogfight/racing game I don't care who I play as and I'd rather it sell well.

Concertoine1603d ago

Like TW101, which was going to feature nintendo characters?

WeAreLegion1603d ago wouldn't kill them to create some NEW lovable characters, would it? I love Mario games and I want them to keep making Mario. I just think new franchises would be great, as well.

Chrischi19881602d ago

New characters most times have their own kind of game. Like Samus in Metroid, or Link in Zelda, but there are games, like Smash Bros, Mario Kart and probably Mario Air, that have to use nintendos mascots. It probably wont feature a story mode or anything like that, so I am fine with no new character. It is not like a new story dependent game, there a new character would be nice.

gnomefighter3d1603d ago

I think it would be awesome, and Nintendo good make some really nice vibrant environments you could even have hangers you could fly down into to repair your plane and such. But it would have to be massive multiplayer online which Nintendo seems to struggle with.

JohnnyTower1603d ago

If it didn't have Mario, it would be called Star Fox.

Chrischi19881602d ago

I know what you mean, but these kinds of games use all the mascots and that is good. That is like saying you want a Mario Kart without Nintendos mascots. I mean, look at the differences of a Mario Kart and Mod Nation Racers. Mod Nation Racers is a beautiful game, but because of not having good mascots, it isnt that succesful and would be more fun with known characters. It is not like Nintendo will release some kind of Halo game, where you shoot as mario.

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DryBoneKoopa851603d ago

I hope this is true! I would love for another title much like Mario Kart but with planes and jets that you can upgrade. Does anyone think it could be a sports game like a new Mario Basketball game? I hope its the plane game instead.

Vengeance11381603d ago

Sounds like a ripoff of Sonic Allstars racing if its a plane game with franchise characters

imXify1603d ago

But all Star Racing Transformed took it from Diddy Kong Racing.

link2Dpast1603d ago

Thank you , someone with knowledge towards games

gnomefighter3d1603d ago

I mean sonic all stars is close but this would be strictly Airplanes, dogfights with the cast maybe from Mario Kart plus more franchise character surprises.

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