What Does Sony Need To Do Next To Enhance The Playstation 4

Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece asking what Sony can do next to improve the already impressive Playstation 4.

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mewhy321296d ago

It's already pretty awesome and incredibly powerful. But I guess there's always room for improvement.

dead_pixels1296d ago

Two words- Blast Processing.

Garethvk1296d ago

Sounds Interesting, tell me more about this and how you would see it working.

dead_pixels1296d ago

It's pretty much the biggest revolution in processing technology. Blows the CELL out of the water.

GiantEnemyCrab1296d ago

I would love to see them add true DLNA support like they had on the PS3.

D-riders1296d ago

chat through remote play

Garethvk1296d ago

That would be huge. Better chat and social options for sure.

WickedLester1296d ago

MP3 & DLNA support
Blue tooth headset support
PS3 remote support
Blu Ray 3D playback support

Garethvk1296d ago

I spoke to a headset company at CES and they indicated Sony was dragging their feet on Blu Tooth to thrid parties as they want to control that tech for themselves as they said they would not have true Blu-tooth in their PS 4 sets for a while if ever.

Rockstar1296d ago

@ Wicked...

You pretty much said what I was thinking.

Bubbles sir!

Get to work Sony!

BitbyDeath1295d ago

MP4 & AVI support would be good too.

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