Never Ending Assassin’s Creed Story. Next AC without Ships Will Launch This Year

Hello Assassin’s Creed fans! Maybe it won’t come as a surprise for you, but for those who don’t know it yet, Ubisoft will release a new version of your favorite game this year!

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-Foxtrot1546d ago

Good, maybe now they can actually focus on Assassin like things and actual new stealth gameplay.

Maybe a crouch button Ubisoft.

ramiuk11546d ago

would love amanual crouch button.
so many games have left it out and i hate auto crouch as totally ruins stealth)

assassins creed
tomb raider

Goldenarmz1546d ago

YES! I never understood why they dont give you a crouch button.

Aleithian1546d ago

Agreed. Frustrates me to no end.

UltraNova1545d ago

So how much milk is there in a cow?

Let me call Activision for a minute...

Gamer19821545d ago

How does crouching make you more stealthy? I think thats unrealistic.. In fact makes you stand out in a crowd like a sore thumb to be honest.. You try it go outside and walk around crouched. I bet you will get people giving you funny looks.. Walk around quiet and nobody would give you a second look. Assassin creed goes for realism not what gamers perceive or have been fed as realism.

On the note of AC the game needs a break now.. There too often and 4 only didn't get stale thanks to boats. they remove it and the sales will drop again.

Bimkoblerutso1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Plus in general, the controls in AC have become so "streamlined" now that the characters kind of just do whatever the hell they feel like half the time.

I can't tell you how many times in Black Flag I wanted to hide behind some boxes only to have Kenway climb on top of it like an idiot.

PhantomT14121545d ago

What I don't understand is why they let us stand by default in a "forbidden" space.
I mean in -earlier- Splinter Cells, my default stance was crouching, I rarely stood up.

I can understand why they won't give us a crouch button because stealth in the first games were about hiding into the crowds rathen than the traditionnal MGS/Splinte Cell style stealth (which has become more present in the recent episodes). They could give us a contextual stealth button, like in the first game where you were walking & praying but this time, making you crouch instead.

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krazykombatant1546d ago

This series just needs to go into a coma and stop being a released for a good couple of years.

Pirates and the caribbean??!?!

Don't get me wrong I know lots of people enjoy that but to me its not an Assassin's Creed game.

Story has long gone of the rails and ubi do nothing but add more and more features that make killing the AI a cakewalk.

All that work in making ships and shit and next game won't have any?!?! LOL

jdaboss1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

i dont know... that last one was pretty good. if the next one stinks or when they have two stink bombs in a row id agree with you.

Mr-Dude1546d ago

I enjoyed AC4 pretty much so...
So long they drop with the whole American stuff and go to feudal Japan or Egypt, the big ancient cities, they have my blessing

mo2411546d ago

Yeah they stopped caring about the story a long time ago. only about the history itself. And the way assassins and templars get implented in the games gets worse with every release. I'm not talking about the latest, because I have only played it for 20 minutes outside story.

Akuma071546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

What is so disagreeable about being a Pirate who is also an Assassin. Because that is what the game was about.

And what do Pirate's do?

In the AC Universe, there have been/ will be many many many many Assassins in the world, and not all of them are monks or rich ladies men. Adéwalé for example, an ex slave. And Connor, a native American. And all of them have a story and gameplay reminiscent of their lifestyle/position in the world.

If we ever get an AC game featuring an Assassin who is also a Cab driver, then I fully expect to be driving a Cab around.

An AC game is not defined by running around a city climbing up walls, that is just what previous characters have done.

EDIT: At the end of the day, it is not up to US to say what an AC game is or isn't, it is the game developers who do that. They decided to make a Pirate Assassin, and I loved every second of my 50 hour trip with it.

-Foxtrot1546d ago

Yeah the game is good but the Pirate thing was such a "WTF" moment, Edward as a character was great but I just wished he was in a proper Assassin game

It just felt like they wanted a new IP for the tec they used for the Naval combat in AC3 and created a Pirate game using the AC brand. Not too mention the modern day sections got even worse, who knew that was possible, at least with Desmond they were more interesting and not in crappy First Person mode.

It 's just sad they focused on these Pirate like things and the stealth stuff was non existent.

If it was called AC3: Black Fags then it would be fine since we could class it as a spin off game but it was called AC4...that number should of been kept for a full on next gen title.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1546d ago

Needs to take place in Japan. A Samurai betrayed by his feudal lord and becomes a ninja. Not exactly an original story but would fit the universe.

uncharted561546d ago

I saw the gameplay for the Middle Earth game. And while I still love AC 4, now I AC should had been more like that in the first place. That game looks quite impressive. Its like a polished version of AC but with rpg elements and providing players with choice as to how to tackle an enemy and a mission plus it looks so much more polished in terms of gameplay then any ac game to date specially with stealth.

NeoTribe1546d ago

Yeah not having a crouch button in a stealth game is pretty insane. I feel like without the ships though, the next game will feel gimped.

SnotyTheRocket1546d ago

Yeah, especially if it's in Japan. Ninjas Vs. Samurai (Don't know if that HAPPENED in history, it would be cool though).

3-4-51546d ago

AC3 made me never want to play AC again.

I gave in and just beat AC4 about 2 days ago and it's by far the best AC since AC2.

The setting is beautiful, good music, good cast of characters, mostly good gameplay, tons of stuff to do, surprising amount of islands, good assassins gear to buy,ect....

It's a solid game, and saved me from ignoring the series completely.

* Take the best from AC2 + AC4, and add new ideas and stuff that makes sense to add, + cool location and you get a good game.

Akuma071546d ago

Don't know why you hated AC3 so much, I don't know why anyone would. It was a great game to me.

AC4 has been my favorite though, previously AC2 was. Agree with all your points on AC4.

My only problem with AC4, is that they showed you what all the Outfits looked like from day one..... all you had to do was open the outfits menu. There was literally NO surprise in acquiring any of the outfits, which kind of ruined my desire to get them.

3-4-51546d ago

* 300 B.C

* 1900-1925 France, England, Germany

UnholyLight1545d ago

While AC IV was amazing compared to ACIII (TOTAL GARBAGE EVERYTHING!), it still got stale way too fast for me. I really really really want another ACII, give me a great location with a truly amazing character like Ezio.

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starchild1546d ago

Japan would be even better. Although either one would be absolutely awesome.

I'm a big fan of the series, I don't care what the hipster contrarians have to say. I love the historical settings and characters, the huge worlds to explore, the traversal mechanics, lots of interesting mission types, the combat, and the narratives. If you pay attention you can actually learn quite a bit about history from playing Assassin's Creed games.

That said, I DO think they need to make it into MORE of a stealth game. More options for stealth, like being able to crouch at will with a button press are logical places to start. I did like the fact that starting with AC3 they added in things like concealing yourself in shrubbery or hiding around corners. It helped it to start feeling more like a stealth game should.

Eldyraen1546d ago

I still think of the Ninja/Samurai artwork that was rumored to be a setting for AC. Feudal Asia seems a great setting for an AC game.

cellur1111546d ago

China, Japan or Korea is all i want. Unfortunately i doubt it's a possibility as ubisoft said they weren't going to do it because other games have already done it. I wish i knew what games they were talking about.

Eldyraen1546d ago

Tenchu is only one even somewhat resembling AC as Ninjas aren't that dissimilar from Assassin characters. You had multiple options to get the job done and different tricks up your sleeve as well. It was basically one of the influences in a sense. It was far from AC though.

I would love a new real Tenchu though but doubt we will see one. Tenchu Z looks like it could be fun but by no means a true Tenchu game. If Tenchu went open world like AC though and refined its mechanics (wasn't perfect game by any means) it could become bigger than it ever was.

On an Asian based AC, the Sea of Japan would make for a great setting allowing for multiple countries (including western nations depending on time period) similar to BF with plenty of room to still be unique.

starchild1546d ago

God I wish we could get a new Tenchu game. Sadly, I have to agree with you that the chances of that happening are looking pretty slim.

That's why I hope that the next Assassin's Creed game can fill that niche. Improve the stealth mechanics and it could be like a truly incredible modern Tenchu game.

Akuma071546d ago

They have said recently that Japan is a possible future setting for the series.

Parsti1545d ago

They don't want to do an asian setting because it was done before ?
Ok lets make another assassins sailing simulator playing in the same century in the same area.
Common Ubisoft we see you made big efforts with the sailing in AC but please a new setting and time period would be awesome instead of more of the same.

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NabsterX1546d ago

Maybe give that fighting mechanism a dynamic redo.

thejigisup1546d ago

never really enjoyed the actual mechanics of the fighting in the series. I love the games and dont get me wrong combat was never boring per se but it was predictable and easy. something more dynamic, fluid, idk proper combos would be great.

oof461546d ago

I read the title and thought Ubisoft was making Bastian and Atreyu the next pair of Assassins.

stamps791546d ago

A boy and his horse. =)

oof461546d ago

And his flying luckdragon. Plus, the Bastian/Atreyu relationship could be a new take on the animus.

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