Microconsoles: A Bad Solution to a Non-Existent Problem

Hardcore Gamer: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been going at each other for years now, so no one expected anyone to slide under the table and deliver a sneak attack, but that’s what microconsole developers were trying to do in 2012. The market of microconsoles is bigger than ever before, with Amazon’s 2014-scheduled venture into Android-based home systems marking the 12th system in the field to be announced/released/teased since 2012. Despite the massive amount of options, the systems have been financial flops, simply becoming running jokes for gamers who continue to use Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles for their gaming. But every with all that negativity, more and more companies are preparing Android microconsoles for launch, like arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The gist? Android microconsole creators are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist with a solution that no one likes.

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