Saturo Iwata: "Wii U isn't in good shape"

Although the press conference for Nintendo isn’t until this evening around 8PM Eastern Time (which we will have full coverage on), Saturo Iwata had a few things to say before the official meeting. Probably the most interesting comment was this about the Wii U.


LOL I did spell Satoru wrong. Sorry guys! :)

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mewhy321630d ago

I just don't see the Wii U getting turned around.

SirNintend01630d ago

I think it has a chance. Strong marketing/Strong Software Lineup/Getting back to their roots pre-Wii would really give it a jolt in the ass. With PS4 and Xbox One being so similar in both design and structure, and PS4 obviously being the better of the 2, Nintendo can really be a true alternative that can still compete. Free online, excellent first party games, influx of indie games, and even though games won't look AS good as PS4 titles, the jump isn't as great as it has been with generations past.

Nintendo just needs to figure out what they want to offer to bring back fans. It can be done though, for sure.

OrangePowerz1630d ago

People made fun of the PSN not being that great, but Nintendo is miles away to even match how PSN was at the beginning. It will be difficult (not impossible) to turn around, but all that Nintendo currently has is first party games. In every other aspect they are behind to competition and when it comes to things like online they can't even match 360 or PS3 because they are stuck in their old ways. How they got from the GameCube being such a good and up to date hardware on launch to Wii amd WiiU is beyond me. Obviously they wanted to make cheaper consoles to save money because they lost a lot on the GameCub, but they cut expenses at every corner instead of only at the console hardware (CPU, GPU, etc.).

nategrigs1630d ago

I agree. I think that the WiiU is a great second console. PS4 for exclusives/multiplats, WiiU for Nintendo exclusives.

ShinMaster1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Strong marketing: They've been marketing straight to kids and their parents(from what I saw on TV). And that was their winning card, to win back those people from the Wii era, since core gamers are already aware of it. Wii Fit U ain't even doing it anymore.

Strong software lineup: The same thing was said before Super Mario 3D, WW HD, Wonderful 101, Pikmin and Monster Hunter 3 came out.

Getting back to the roots: A Nintendo console that's on top of the game and not lagging behind in tech, would be great. NES, SNES and GC were great. Didn't count N64, because despite having better graphics than the PS1, it was pretty limited with those cartridges in comparison.
They can make a come back, but I'm not sure it's gonna be with the Wii U. They also need a more up to date online infrastructure. They're so stubborn that it's hurting them.

Where are all the Nintendo fans and why aren't they buying it? That's the question.

cleft51630d ago

The 3DS was in terrible shape too. People said there was no way it could turn around, now look at it. If anyone can turn the WiiU around it's Iwata.

abzdine1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

man this is bad news, i really hope wii u sales take off soon. it's not only Nintendo's fault it's also the so called "gamers" who don't support them just because there is no COD on Nintendo consoles.

it was also a very bad thing to skip E3 and just do these stupid Nintendo directs. go to E3 give it ALL and success will come!

cellur1111629d ago

I've only ever seen 1 Wii u commercial, so i doubt it will ever get advertised or marketed well, and with no third party support i don't see many quality games coming out very fast either. The Wii U is not going to succeed, i don't get why you people don't see that.

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linkenski1630d ago

Not unless they announce a killer app this year, presumably at E3... but according to Reggie they're betting all on Donkey Kong, Smash and Kart... which makes me anxious because honestly MK8 looks like MK7 with better graphics and gimmicky stage-designs but the same bullshit item-balance and automatic drifiting.. smash bros is just another smash bros, but hopefully the online will be amazing (needs leaderboards, account progression, unlocks, friend systems etc.) and Donkey Kong is a barebones sequel that only adds more characters and levels but has the same fundamental stuff...

I just don't see it being significant enough to change anything. Smash is the big hit but MK8 is not gonna do anything for them unless it feels more hardcore-y.

Wolfbiker1629d ago

MK8 is indeed a MK7 but in HD and on the big screen, why do you act like it is bad? When I played it, it was fantastic fun! Same goes for Donkey Kong, its HD Donkey Kong Country fun.

Seriously I think they should consider dropping the Wii U Gamepad as the primary controls pad and release the Wii U with the Pro controller and Wii remote And a game for $200. Use the Gamepad as an accessory or enhancement accessory and just go full retard on releases HD remakes and updates to classics like skyward sword/ Metroid and twilight and of course new games in those series' as well....I would be very happy with an HD quality 'GameCube'.

jonboi241630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I can only see it reach levels of success on par with the Gamecube if only a little better. There is no chance in hell it will ever reach be as successful as Nintendo originally wanted it to be. I still think it can find a place in the market as second console to the PS4 or Xbox One. It's first party games alone will keep the system alive.

ape0071630d ago

i think their last two chances are going to be mario kart 8 and Smash Bros Wiiu

those 2 games sold like crazy on the wii, hope these people have loyalty and buy them

abzdine1630d ago

i will for sure buy mario kart, and i'm even gonna buy SSB as my first SSB ever.

Baccra171630d ago

I never would have guessed that souped up GC Nintendo's trying to pass off as "next gen" wasn't doing well. I thought people loved buying inferior products for exorbitant amounts of money.

AngelicIceDiamond1630d ago

“The Wii U isn’t in good shape. That’s the presumption we have as we consider reform.”

Seems like Mr. Iwata is just now getting the bad news. I don't think a rumored new console is really the answer for it as well despite changes coming to the company.

A new console will frustrate the fans and will force fans to wait even further for Nintendo's gems to get announced.

Zelda U, brand new Kirby, Metroid and a supposed new Ip needs to get announce this E3 Assuming they're having one this year.

Nintendo promised Wii U would support third party development. As soon as 3rd party wanted nothing to do with Nintendo (Except Ubi) they went back to their old roots and advertised it as a kid family console. Despite the Wii U being pitched as the hardcore console E3 of 2012.

Consistent advertising is what Nintendo needs can't flip flop.

And an entire rework of Nintendo online that works with third party devs instead of shafting them. Instead of Nintendo in house internal online teams only capable of utilizing it.

Those are some of my points. Will it work? I dunno I hope Nintendo can get themselves out of this doom and gloom.

Maybe E3 they'll surprise and turn things around.

LKHGFDSA1629d ago

wouldn't be hard to port the games in progress to a new console. I'm pretty sure all new consoles have games that were originally made for the predeceasing console.

LKHGFDSA1629d ago

yeah IMO it's bad enough to scrap and start from new, whether that means a name change, or a remodeled console, or a completely new console.
it's possible they could fix it up, but I can't imagine it happening either.

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NYC_Gamer1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Nintendo weren't prepared and that's very easy to see based on hardware/online service/software decisions.

JohnnyTower1630d ago

I don't see why the console would be rushed. They had a year head start on ps and ms. Even their PR group was surprised by the console release. Seems it was out almost a year before anyone realized it.

-Foxtrot1630d ago

If it had a year head start I don't see why they didn't have a title like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Zelda U or Super Mario 3D World ready for it's release.

I don't mean all of them by the way...just one.

I mean if they followed that path and lets say they had Super Mario 3D World out at launch then Mario Kart could of been out last November, Smash Bros maybe next month and Zelda in September.

DC7771629d ago

They weren't prepared or at least keeping up with western trends, that's for sure. They've got to realize the west IS the market and is far too important to play second fiddle to the needs of their own small county if they really want to remain a top contender.

Why aren't people buying it? Well those that actually know it exists still have a million cheap games on the Wii they own to play. It received zero hype last year on release and although it's a nice console they still have only released one big game in all this time.

They could change the name and stop confusing people, remake the entire online structure, lots of things but at the very least get the big games out asap and get us some release dates.

Love my Wii U but I am starting to give up hope on it's future here with all this strange silence from Nintendo on game releases.

jengo1630d ago

You spelled Satoru Iwata wrong, FAIL

SirNintend01630d ago

LOL Wow. Thanks for catching that! :)

Baccra171630d ago

He sucks, therefore no one cares how it's spelled.

MasterCornholio1630d ago

Even Iwata admits it. I guess the Wii U isn't fine like some people were saying. But they still have time to turn this around.

NiteX1630d ago

Hey look at how the 3DS turned around. Anything can happen.

NYC_Gamer1630d ago

3DS didn't have to face strong competition from two multi-billion dollar companies..

NihonjinChick1630d ago

It faces competition from more.

You have the Vita, the shield, and multiple gaming dedicated Android handhelds.

slivery1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


Lets be realistic here, the 3DS was doing well before the Vita came out. The Vita has never really competed well with it since even I will tell you this and I love mine to death.

Android gaming systems were never competition for anyone so even mentioning things like the shield or ouya are such a moot point, they never have and I honestly don't think they ever will be competition.

The Vita has been doing better now almost selling as much as the XL each week but still the 3DS dominates time and time again and has ever since the Vita existed, yes the Vita is a competitors device but in reality it has not competed well with the 3DS especially at the start of its life.

Not saying the Wii U cannot turn around either, mainly was responding to NihonjinChick.

blueberry1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )


The 3DS did not come out of nowhere. There was a whole history of well established handheldconsoles from Nintendo that were global bestsellers before it showed up. Vita and the rest you mentioned did not have that history at all.

WII U is not just facing some rookies here, but two giants who have already made a name for themselves decades before.

BosSSyndrome1629d ago

Yes.. it did actually. Phones are a mighty presence in portable gaming.

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