Massive EVE Battles Read Like Science Fiction

Orion discuses the great battles that can be had in EVE and how stories are built from Games. A look at how Gaming is as much Art as any book.

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DigitalHope1635d ago

Hence why EVE is coming out with a live action show set in the same universe. It won't really involve players, more about the factions and NPC's that make up the universe and will show how these entities react to the things players have done.

If you like books read "Templar one" great book that shows just how deep this universe can be. Jut a great read for the si-fi lover.

TheGamingHeretic1635d ago

I will have to take a look, that does sound pretty interesting.

Mexxan1635d ago

Tried to get into it but it's sure not Elite for the 21st Century.

Newbs vapourised into space dust for months unless you put so many hours in its a second job.

Visuals are beautiful though.

DigitalHope1635d ago

Nice thing about EVE is that you skill up even when your offline, but it takes time to learn the game. There is so much content that even after 5 years I don't know everything.

It's not a solo type of game. Your really meant to play with other people s a team. Constructing a fleet with all your basis covered and that complement each other.

I stick to wormholes and the cat and mouse PVP it offers. I will say this about EVE it is he only game that will give you a panic attack before you enter PVP. PVP in EVE is a drug, you get an insane adrenalin rush. I don't nearly feel it as often but if I'm in a wormhole stalking someone and I plan to solo them I get the anxiety because you never know if your walking into a trap or who else may be stalking your prey.

This game is intense, it takes time to learn but that's why you surround yourself with people who have the knowledge to learn from.