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The 'War' is over: Why gaming doesn't need another 'Gears of War'

Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explains why new IPs will push forward the Xbox One, not a new 'Gears of War.' (Gears of War, Xbox One)

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lifeisgamesok  +   78d ago
Why gamers do need a new Gears of War

It's iconic of Xbox just like the biggest Xbox franchise Halo

The multiplayer and horde is the best ever

It'll be another testament of the One's power and capabilities
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DirtyPimp  +   76d ago
ok i rarely get on (check my history) but gears is not iconic anymore sorry.
theWB27  +   76d ago
Life stated it's an iconic Xbox franchise.

I don't see ANY way you could tell a person otherwise with facts and not opinions.

When people think of Xbox...Halo..Forza...Gears.

@Shane Kim
I've owned more games than just those series on my 360. I missed that memo where that's all I had to play.
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Shane Kim  +   76d ago
I agree with life and theWB27. It's iconic because that's pretty much the only games on Xbox.
truefan1  +   76d ago
sourgrouch   76d ago | Trolling | show
sinjonezp  +   76d ago
I loved the gears franchise but i am not sure where they can go with the story post gears 3. Maybe a carmine spin off? A train? Some of the locus survive? Im just worried that developing another game will have story - writing blocks
erathaol  +   76d ago
Giantbomb had the best discussion on this.


Skip to 01:25:00 minute mark

Pretty much agree that there isn't a lot of places for Gears of War franchise to go now, although they hope that Microsoft got some sort of deal out of this.

As it seems that Epic had no real reason to keep the franchise, so when Microsoft presented them with a briefcase full of money, they just took it.
Kryptix  +   76d ago
I'm a big fan of the trilogy and I still play some Gears of War 3 multiplayer till this day since release date. There's many ways they can continue and expand the Gears universe. One way is that it can take place hundreds of years after Gears 3 with the rise of an outer space alien species with advanced technology or something similar. Sounds cliched but it can introduce fresh weapons and brand new characters that have a deep meaning to the story. And we can see the reconstruction of humanity, how it progressed and then see it in danger once again telling a message that as humans, we're always going to fight for something...wars never end. It can be like, "we were only fighting our close neighbors, but the true force were above us all time waiting for us," know what I mean?

As long as it's not the same thing like the Locusts rise again and everything repeats itself...next gen Gears of War has potential. Different ways it can be done, hopefully they expand outside the box instead of using the same ideas again.
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FarEastOrient  +   76d ago
The war isn't over, just like Mass Effect the universe can grow larger.
badz149  +   76d ago
we can always have more Gears. as long as it's not milk to death with annual release ala CoD, why not?
iiorestesii  +   76d ago
I do agree with you. Horde mode will be welcome on x1, unless games like destiny overshadow that aspect of the game completely. There's a ton of co op coming in'14 so we'll see.
christocolus  +   76d ago
Im really happy to see ms mix up their line up with new and old ips. Sunset overdrive,d4,quantum break and titanfall and ill get to play gears and halo on my xbx one very soon. Horde mode was awesome and rod fergurson says its something he loved playing alot,so im guessing we will get to see a new and improved horde mode.


Pls stop. We know you love your console of choice and its games but why do you always feel the need to bring your biased opinions this way?
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hellzsupernova  +   76d ago
So many shooters. Doesn't that get old?
isa_scout  +   76d ago
I absolutely loved the original trilogy, and even though Judgment wasn't my cup of tea I still really enjoyed overrun mode...Having said that, after the first Gears of War they never showed the 360's power so I don't know why they'd start showing the XOnes power now. I think games like Halo 5 and Quantum Break will show what the One is capable of.
Gears of War 4(or whatever they call it) will still look amazing no doubt, but it will be running on Unreal Engine 4. By the time Gears4 comes out so many games will be running Unreal4 that it wont be as impressive. The only reason Gears1 was impressive was because it launched sooner. I think games like Alan Wake and Halo 4 pushed the 360 much further than Gears ever did.
MrSwankSinatra  +   78d ago
I don't see the point of arguing about sequels being made in established franchises. If you feel some type of way about a new gears game being made then DONT buy it and go play the hundreds of other games including new IP's to play.
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christocolus  +   76d ago
I actually agree with you on this..
JokesOnYou  +   76d ago
Me too.
Robearboy  +   78d ago
Just like N4G doesn't need another flame bait article to rile up the masses - As long as its not just a copy and paste of the originals then its all good
omegaheat  +   76d ago
Okay enough is enough. This bullshit really needs to stop. Just the other day, I paid a little visit to the PS4 zone of this website and there was barely even a comment on any of the articles. Why are so many Sony fanboys here? It's really lopsided. These journalists are capitalizing because they know that all of the Sony fans are spending more time in Xbox One articles trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they made the right purchase when they bought a PS4. Almost every little thing that gets exposed, they find some way to make a negative article out of it. So now it's not okay for Microsoft to release a sequel to a well established franchise, but it's okay to continue making another Uncharted. Last I checked, Uncharted is going on its fourth installation, so is it not okay just because its Microsoft. I don't get you people's logic. Why would you even care if Microsoft produces another sequel on a system that you never intend to game on. You guys are being more ridiculous each day.
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darkmonkey13x  +   76d ago

i barely visit N4G now, every time its about why XB1 is doomed, wich game looks better, who sold more and now why dont need more games of established franchises... just %&!@ for the same people even if they dont own/want a XB1. Get over it, honestly i never visit the PS channel (ps3, ps4, etc) because I DONT CARE ABOUT PS,i dont have enough time (and money XD) for two consoles so i picked the one that is more appealing with me (halos, gears, fables and now Titanfall and maybe SO, QB)

sorry if my grammar is wrong
RSR314  +   76d ago
And how many god of wars are there? These Sony fans don't bring that up. Gears if great.
hellzsupernova  +   76d ago
Hang on when the shoe was on the other foot, you were all in support of those articles now your console of choice is doing worse than the competition now you want to complain? Seven years people who liked Sonys consoles where shut down by xbots who ruled now we get all the good how does it feel? Sounds like your all crying.

It's called karma.
GameGuyPGH  +   78d ago
The argument is that a new game could be made *instead of* a sequel for a series that is on the downslide.
Bigpappy  +   77d ago
We'll find out when it is released. Some guy with a website don't get to decide. There are many new IP's that fall flat on their faces. Leave these decisions to developers. People just want fun, quality games to play. Gears is a good example of just that.
starchild  +   76d ago
It makes sense to have a balance of new IPs and new games in established franchises. Gears of War isn't on the downside just because one game in the series was merely good or decent instead of great or fantastic.
maniacmayhem  +   77d ago
So out of all the many sequels, and future sequels announced, for all the systems, Gears is the one receiving heat as not needed?

IVanSpinal  +   76d ago
Because Gears Of War is now only on X1
DoctorXpro  +   77d ago
The 'War' is over: Why gaming doesn't need another 'God of War'

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TrueJerseyDevil  +   77d ago
exactly what i thought when i read the title lol
Megaton  +   76d ago
Agreed for both series. Stale copypasta.
Yodagamer  +   76d ago
Both series should have been done after their 3rd main game. Their respective prequels weren't as good as the others and why did god of war need two prequels? Neither needed the prequel last year. Hopefully if we do get a new game from those series they at least do something new.
Riderz1337  +   76d ago
They haven't announced a new God of War. Are you some kind of insider with info we don't know about?
iiorestesii   76d ago | Trolling | show
MetaReapre  +   76d ago
This is how I feel about a lot of franchises... sequels are nice and all but do we need to continue a series after its finished its main story, running a good franchise into the ground... and to add to this, why do we need to worry about icons? PlayStation throughout the generations had so many different icons (ps1:spyro,crash bandicoot,sweet tooth of twisted metal PS2:sly cooper, ratchet and clank Ps3:sackboy, Cole from infamous)
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Gabenbrah  +   76d ago
Guess we don't need another Mario, Zelda, Uncharted, God of War, Halo, etc. People love these franchises and they are highly rated.
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NoWayOut  +   76d ago
I like GOW and I like to see another game but what more can they do with Kratos? I don't want a bunch of prequels so what more can they do to the main story that they haven't done. I hope the next GOW be good but they not gonna top GOW3. Just let Kratos rest. They need to bring Heavenly Sword back.

As for Gears I don't care what they do with it. I played the 1st Gears and it was boring. I don't see how I finished that game. Gears is done too let it end.

These games bring in big money so they will never end til it stops making money.
Sitdown  +   76d ago
Did we need or ask for the original Gears? Not necessarily, but guess what.... we are glad that it was made. How about we take a wait and see approach on this one as well.... you might just be pleasantly surprised.
mhunterjr  +   76d ago
BS. consoles need a good mix of new IPs and old franchises in order to succeed. In fact, it's the revenue from established franchises that justify the risks of investing in an unproven IP.
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SLUG  +   76d ago
i do not think it will be a shooting game i think it will be a rts game made for gears of wars fans because i been hearing a lots of rts games coming out for xbo
corvusmd  +   76d ago
Anyone that says we don't need ANY game that has a huge fanbase should stop calling themselves a gamer...period. True it may not be your cup of tea, but it's not all about you. I think KZ, Infamous and Uncharted have fallen off...but I realize they have a huge fanbase, so by no means do I think they should stop making them...they make other gamers happy. I personally never cared for GoW MP, and I didn't even grab judgement, but I am excited to see a new GoW on XB1...I always loved the Gears SP Campaigns...It's a definite pick up for me
Revolt13  +   76d ago
I don't care if no one else wants it. Gears is my shit. Bring it to Xbox One. Plz.
Flyingdog670  +   76d ago
If you believe we don't need them, then how about... not buy them? Problem Solved!
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Godzhand  +   76d ago
im really not understanding why all of a sudden these assholes start making these backlash articles on a NEW gears of war...get over it..the truth is people have been waiting the past 5 months for microsoft to announce a new gears... a new fresh company has taken over the IP.. they are all highly skilled in high quality games... the franchise is in good hands... stop with these stupid articles because you want "new IPs".. the fanbase in gears overrides this article by alot... as long as the developers go back to a gritty look..and a more balanced gameplay like the first gears..everything will be great
iiorestesii  +   76d ago
Because askew ip's so often return to their roots.
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SLUG  +   76d ago
most of the dev from black tusk are from moba games and rts games they have no ideal how to make a shooting game that why i think gears will be a rts game
BakPAin  +   76d ago
I want a new gears! Bring it on!
KingDadXVI  +   76d ago
Here is the truth of the matter plain and simple:

Fans of the game want more games but do not want a repeat of what happened with Gears of War Judgement. They love the Gears franchise, the graphics, the story, and the game play.

Those owners who did not like the franchise really could not care as they just won't buy it.

That leaves just one group that does not want to see new Gears of War games. If you can't get it in one guess you should see your doctor as you have a serious brain trauma.

Sony fan boys do not want to see new Gears games for a number of reasons:

1. Bitterness. The same reason they shit on TitanFall or anything that is positive for the Xbox One. They can't have it so no one should as far as they are concerned.

2. Insecurity and fear. They are scared that some people who bought a PS4 will go out and cross that heretical line. Yes, buy an Xbox One because the want to play Gears. The also fear the fact that this is another reason for those undecided to chose an Xbox One. Yes, Sony has sold more PS4s than MS has sold Xbox Ones but the mere fact that someone could possibly buy and Xbox is enough to send many a fan boy into fits of delusional rage and rantings that, "Greatness Awaits".

3. Anger. They were teased that a successful game that they all despised last generation, a spawn of the evil MS was actually going to come to their console. Haha the thought we are going to turn the table this time. We will steal the Xbox exclusive that those Xbox Fans so dearly love. They can no longer claim to have such a great game to themselves (they also secretly longed to play the games, the forbidden fruit of the heretics). But alas it was all a shame. The evil one himself swooped in and stole it from under their drooling mouths. Now that really pissed some people off.

So Xbox fans are either ecstatic or could careless but Sony fans are the reason their are articles titled, "The 'War' is over: Why gaming doesn't need another 'Gears of War'". It is fairly clear that this gentleman jump ship to the Sony boat and is now rather miffed that Gears did not come with him.
-Foxtrot  +   76d ago
Yeah damn those Sony fanboys and their plans to take over the entire universe /s
MaverickStar7  +   76d ago
Simple. Don't want a sequel, don't play it. But don't think you speak for all gamers in saying gaming doesn't need or want one. Give me the next Gears. Give me the next Uncharted. Give me the next Mario. When these sequels can not longer financially survive, then gaming will have decided it doesn't need another. New IP's are great, sometimes so are sequels. Neither is guaranteed to good or bad.
KNWS  +   76d ago
This 2 video sums it up perfectly why gears should come back. Better after 1 minute, worth a watch.

Max-Zorin  +   76d ago
Only this generation cry about franchises having another game. Bunch of babies.
KNWS  +   76d ago
This likely is going to be the direction the next game takes, if it doesn't i will be shocked.

The Pendulum Wars was a massive, global, 79 year-long conflict waged by the two superpowers of Sera, the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Union of Independent Republics, for control of the planet's natural resources, namely Imulsion. Millions of human lives were lost in the conflict and the environment was significantly damaged by devastating weapons. The war was a deadlock for the majority of the years, until the COG broke the stalemate by going around the land warfare with the UIR and staging a daring raid in Aspho Fields. The COG stole the Hammer of Dawn technology plans during the Battle of Aspho Fields, and gained the advantage in the war. The Pendulum Wars ended shortly before the attack on the surface of Sera by the Locust Horde on Emergence Day, with only six weeks of peace between the two wars. [14]

More of the back story in the link. This has never been featured in a gears game yet. Gears was all about the locust.
-Foxtrot  +   76d ago
But it's featured in a lot of novels...we don't really need to dwell in the past.

Prequels just don't work especially when you have to stay close to what these novels have said because if your not careful you end up contradicting stuff.

I wouldn't want to have a Gears game where you face humans aswell...plus in the end you know COG wins so all that tension of "OMG what will happen, how will it end" is gone because no matter how bad it gets you know they win.
Dumbledoor  +   76d ago
New cast of characters, new enemy force, hopefully same epicness and style of play.
SLUG  +   76d ago
gears is being made as a rts game i really think so its not going to be a shooting no more it seem to be a rts game for xbox one even ms said we need more rts and other games then fps and third person shooting games thats why i think gears will be a rts game for the xbo
Shadonic  +   76d ago
How are you using Judgment as a viable reason ? the game had so many big changes that effected the gameplay that gears was known for. I mean jeez when i finally played that game as a gears fan i died a little inside same with Halo 4 as it moved towards the level up unlock weapons sort of thing and went far too much on the easy side. It always seems as though when a sires has at least one bad title everyone views it as the death of the series and that it shouldn't come back ever because of it and wont ever touch the possibility that the game just might be bad because of the changes or something.

Once i get an xbox one I wouldn't mind a next Gen gears of war if it kept along the lines of the gameplay that made it popular in the first place and doesn't do whatever the hell judgment was trying to do. Maybe something along the lines of free to play idk.
dwlwoolers  +   76d ago
Im a sony fan and I agree that fanboys our being pretty hard on gears. Whats wrong with ostablishing a good franchise? Nintendo and Sony both do the same thing. Microsoft has themselves a damn good console, even ps4 fans like myself agree. The arguments about framerates and Resolution are getting pretty old. I even feel like the arguments about games are getting dumb considering how young the 2 consoles are.
captainexplosion  +   76d ago
Im a huge fan of the Gears series (I am literally typing this between matches of Overrun). But the story in Gears is terrible. Who cares if the war ended. They could, you know, come back. Or they could reboot it. Who cares. As long as it has the same style of play its fine. Marcus or no Marcus I wouldn't care.
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Dirtnapstor  +   76d ago
Playstation brand is my console choice. But the Gears series compelled me to buy a 360. I hope they bring the franchise back with fervor! Loved every moment in SP (Judgment was lacking), and spent countless hours enjoying MP.
I too am tired of the ridiculous compare/contrast crap people keep bringing to the table when it comes to consoles. It was fun at first, but the kicked horse is plenty dead....
The Xbone will succeed no doubt, it needs to for the sake of quality gaming.
Looking forward to any new Gears experience. That and Titanfall will be my reasoning for eventual Xbone ownership.
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tiremfej  +   76d ago
Just a few weeks ago PS fans were really hoping "Gears" would not be exclusive to X1. I find it ironic that now that it is exclusive Sony fans are very vocal about the game not meaning anything. I never personally cared for GoW it isn't my style of game. That doesn't mean the series wasn't important for the 360. It will be important for X1 as well. I'm happy about the move by MS for exclusivity!
captainexplosion  +   76d ago
Im a Sony fan and look at my post above, I said I was a huge Gears fan. I hate Microsoft yet love Gears of War. The comment by Dirtnapstor right above yours said the same thing. If you are going to make accusations at least call out the posters who said they wanted Gears on PS4 and than flip flopped when it was announced as a XB1 exclusive.
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tiremfej  +   76d ago
I don't think I personally called you out on anything. Did I? I believe I said most, hence the word most. That doesn't mean everyone. I'm glad you hate MS. I find it odd you could physically hate a company but to each his own. I happen to be a big fan of all they've accomplished. I guess I'm in favor of American Companies and all that...
Sh0ckWav3  +   76d ago
heck I need a newly fresh gears..hoping bt can bring back some life into the next gow..
xDHAV0K24x  +   75d ago
Gotta somehow add a 3 star rating in every lvl like judgment and of course horde 3.0
giovonni  +   76d ago
I think introducing a fiercer enemy with impact nonstop action and keeping the core mechanics of the game will revive the game. I didn't think Gears of War Judgment sucked, it just wasn't innovative enough to keep GEARS buzzing. The same goes for God Of War Accession, I'm afraid that these games suffer from lack of innovation. Uncharted started suffering from the same issue, different story, but same core mechanics with nothing added.

Gears introduced us to a smooth reload, duck and cover intense action based system now it's time to build upon that
xDHAV0K24x  +   75d ago
How about an article on why YOU don't need GOW? Speak for ur damn self
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