Titanfall must learn from Battlefield 4's mistakes, or die in battle

Dealspwn writes: "The stakes have never been higher. Titanfall is a brand new IP and a potential flagship brand years in the making, meaning that it absolutely has to deliver day one, hour one, minute one, with no margin for error. The hype train has reached top speed, and as such, the slightest leaf on the track could potentially derail it, with plenty of naysayers just itching to stick the boot in. EA are already tipped for another 'Golden Poo' award, after all, and another botched launch could be the straw that breaks many a consumer's back.

More to the point, it's not just Respawn and DICE with everything on the line. It's Microsoft.

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Hatsune-Miku1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Titanfall should learn from a good game and not a broken game like bf4.

PlayStation now PlayStation is the future PlayStation forever

venom061545d ago

wow... what a dumb article... Titanfall should learn from CoD mistakes and not lie about a new next-gen engine, not put out a garbage game with broken spawns, no diverse weapons (every one of them are laser beams), fill the game with a plethora of OP weaspons, make HUGE unbalanced maps with only a few people playing, keep rehashing the same garbage over and over and say that it's new, ya know, the usual CoD BS that's people have to put up with year and year.. those are the mistake Titanfall needs to learn from..

Blues Cowboy1545d ago

Erm... since Titanfall is made by the original MW guys, I don't think that'll be an issue. The problem lies with Battlefield's launch, not concerns over its quality!

Dark_king1545d ago

Sorry but we learn more from are failures.Titanfall should be fine I doubt there gonna release broken.

jonboi241545d ago

If servers are down on day one, that could cripple all the momentum and hype this game has built. It would be stupid if no one can play the game on launch cause of server issues. I hope they are ready. I have high hopes this game will be good , though I won't be picking it up as I don't have either a PC that could probably run it or any Xbox systems.

Charybdis1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

True I hope they will use their beta test to their advantage, also hope they don't over-rush this game.

Grave1545d ago

It's EA. After BF4's bullshit? Don't hold your breath.

Irishguy951545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Difference is EA owns Dice and it's employees. EA has no say in Respawn or how Respawns development goes. Both Bioware and Dice have come out and said EA rushed them. EA can't rush Respawn.

KwietStorm1545d ago

If EA is publishing it, they sure as hell can push Respawn. They may not have as much influence as an owned studio like DICE, like you said, but there's a reason so many Activision published games are crap. Publishers have priorities and agendas, not necessarily for the good of the gamer.

ger23961545d ago

Ea is publishing the game, so I would think they would have a say in the developement of the game.

mhunterjr1545d ago

This is VERY TRUE.

It's especially important for a new franchise to prove itself. To collapse under the pressure of the hype could be damaging beyond repair. Not only that, but it's an online only game. If MS/EA/Respawn want to sell a online future, this had better go off without a hitch.

Grave1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

We need to pray it's not like Brink, and if you don't know what Brink is all I have to say is ---> exactly.

mhunterjr1545d ago

Lol well I doubt it's like brink. Thousands of people have played and enjoyed it. But network issues could leave the franchise DOA.

Blues Cowboy1545d ago

The sad thing is that Brink could have been awesome. It was... kinda okay when they loosed that massive free content pack/overhaul. So many great ideas, but everything was slightly sub par.

Erm, so yes, I agree. Nothing like that, please!

CursedMarkBlake1545d ago

I feel like Titanfall will work, where Battlefield 4 i think was rushed, but if anything does go work, EA is usually good at putting out updatse if anything is broken

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