Why Yamauchi Chose Iwata: Was It a Wise Decision?

SheAttack: "The recent report of Iwata and other Nintendo executives taking a pay cut due to financial losses gives further indication that Iwata should step down. Let's revisit what Yamauchi thinks of Iwata and his vision of Iwata's leadership capabilities."

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TheVideoGamHer1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

One thing that I find especially interesting is how closely Iwata's job performance has mirrored how Yamauchi expected him to perform. It's also kinda odd that Yamauchi would appoint someone with such drastic practices as well. Yamauchi was no bs and hard hitting. Iwata is much more lenient and graceful lol.

Geobros1545d ago

Very very wise decision.....

Concertoine1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Iwata made more money in his years then the entire company did in a century. The wii gen produced god knows how many times the revenue of the other two competitors combined. If you ask me yamauchi was a vastly inferior CEO. It was his descisions that dug the hole the company is in now just as much as Iwata's. 3rd party support died with the n64 when he refused to use $1 CDs over $35 cartridges, then died some more with low capacity mini discs on the gamecube.
I could see the old NOA president being a good CEO. Not reggie, the japanese guy before him. He got rogue squandron and stuff exclusive...

zalanis1545d ago

Its straight up stupid to ask such a question simply because financial forecast wasnt met.WERE WAS THIS question/article when the INFERIOR WII destroyed the superior PS3 and xbox 360????? Yea thts wht i thought. To add insult to injured EGO's, them systems wouldnt gain any traction till they started integrating some form of motion controls.NO ONE ASKED THE ARTICLES QUESTION THEN, BUT now tht they in a small jam everyones kicking the big N while their down. And yet we got this year to go with plenty of system sellers to go. Sony has nothing worth playing. Only xbone has something trully new in tht game called Titanfall. Screw this article

lilbroRx1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Agree, They are trying to throw dirt at Iwata and Nintendo while they are down.

He chose Iwata because Iwata could and did get teh job done. The 230 mill they lost in this one quarter has no bearing on the 10 billion+ he made them.

TheVideoGamHer1545d ago

The issue in itself isn't so much that Nintendo is losing money. It's that on top of a host of other issues, such as Nintendo hasn't took a loss in 30 or more years before now, and the fact that the Wii U has had a crazy post launch drought, and Nintendo hasn't clearly outlined what the Wii U is. Personally, I think Nintendo will be fine and that for the sake of game play Iwata is a great choice. I think that once Nintendo comes out with a clear cut plan and reacts accordingly, more people will be at ease. Because Nintendo is so tight lipped, it creates uncertainty for people that follow the company. Whether or not people liked the Wii, what it was was clear cut and treaded in the direction Nintendo had for it.

TheVideoGamHer1545d ago

No disrespect, but did you actually read the article? The author isn't saying that Iwata should step down. It's more of a revisitation of history. People are calling for Iwata's head, but Yamauchi picked him for a reason.

360ICE1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

1) Have a look at your keyboard. Something is wrong with your caps lock.
2) Take it easy. The article isn't trying to kick Nintendo while it's down, it's merely trying to reflect on Iwata's role and if he's still good for the company.
3) Why do you feel the need to drag in the competition? As if those two performing worse (I'd disagree, I'd say both perform rather well) is an excuse for Nintendo's numbers.
4) Where was this question? Well, people were too busy praising Nintendo and Iwata, so I guess no one wanted to ask it. Maybe it should have been.
5) This article was a bit lazy. It needs some meat to it.

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JackieCruise691545d ago

I think it was. The mans dedicated and loyal to his company and that is enough right there, he shows it as well. Just because he messed up a bit doesn't make it a bad choice people forget he also made them a shit ton of money with the Wii and DS. and even today, the 3DS is doing decently.

TheVideoGamHer1545d ago

I totally agree. I think that once Nintendo has this year of core titles, where they choose to go hereafter will make a lot more sense.

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