One Feature for 2014: NHL 15

GoodGameBro writes, "The NHL franchise from EA SPORTS, though targeting a niche audience because of how far behind the league has fallen in popularity compared to other sports leagues in North America, has traditionally taken chances and put together solid simulation efforts for fans of the sport.

With NHL 15’s release in 2014, the game will debut on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; after the jump are the features our staff members think will make that debut a success."

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respekanize911631d ago

was at the Rangers game last night at the Stadium Series...Cold it was, but when the rangers win...its all good.

On topic: Give a better EASHL experience, make it have rpg elements where the better you play the better CPU guys you can play with thru upgrades. Give me multi-line games so 5-6 guys can play only the 3 OFF positions...ACTUALLY GIVE ME ANYTHING NEW PLEASE AND I MIGHT BUY IT AGAIN!!!

nategrigs1631d ago

Eh. I guess I see what these guys are saying, but I (as an avid hockey fan) couldn't really care less about the "improvements" they mention. Give me improved AI,physics,graphics, more animations, and fix some of the stupid bugs that plagued 14, and I'll be happy. Honestly I'll buy a ps4 version if they slightly improve the graphics and update the rosters.

Bolts-N-Rays11091631d ago

Can they actually make a good simulation hockey game? NHL 14 is nothing up a hitting arcadefest. Give us AI that isn't as dumb as a rock, fix the puck physics, fix puck control, add more animations. Like seriously NHL 14 is the worst adaptation of hockey they've ever made since NHL 08.

mopground1631d ago

the ideas of this article is exactly why nhl sales are going down