Assassin's Creed IV : Freedom Cry Review [Expansive DLC]

Developers – take note of how Freedom Cry starts. Mere seconds after hitting ‘new game’ you’re thrown directly onto the helm of a ship amid a giant naval battle. No cutscenes, no long winded narrative setup or exposition, just pure, unadulterated gameplay right from the start..

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bequietdrive1632d ago

Such a disappointing game!

bradfh1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Freedom Cry best DLC I played I give it a 4.5/5. it isn't worth a 2.5/5. lowest should get 3.5

bequietdrive1631d ago

Each to their own I guess, the repetitive nature of the missions to me just made it descend into tedium.

Vashv171631d ago

Yea, I liked it but I felt like it could have been more. 3.5 at best for me.

bequietdrive1631d ago

It's just a shame they wasted such a unique subject matter on a half arsed DLC. Could have made for a great mainline AC.