Bethesda Release Epic New Elder Scrolls Online Short – The Arrival

Bethesda have released an epic new cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Entitled ‘The Arrival’ the new video features the various factions of Tamriel duking it out in some ruins until a portal to Oblivion opens in the sky and all manner of daemonic beasties spew forth. Forcing the former enemies to form a shaky alliance in order to combat the new, and much uglier foe.

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Excalibur1449d ago

Absolutely stunning, very beautiful CGI, wouldn't mind a movie that way BUT we all know the game won't look like that, it's just trying to build the hype machine.

That said there is nothing in that trailer that makes me want to run out and spend $60.00 (+ tax) on the game and then (from what I'm hearing) another $15.00 a month to play, not gonna do it.

Chase511449d ago

Yea I completely agree with you. The game looks and sounds good,but defintely not worth $15 dollars a month.