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Why 'Paymium' compromises console game design

Paymium is a tax forced onto players by an inefficient industry, and better alternatives are available. It will take players rejecting the model entirely to force developers in that direction, - EDGE (PS4, Xbox One)

DanielGearSolid  +   366d ago
Yea whatever...

You don't wanna buy extra content you don't have to... End of story
m0lt0n  +   366d ago
Could not agree more with you. I've not paid an extra cent in Forza, for instance. Still been able to work my way up in short order and get all the cars i've wanted.

Honestly, I actually like the option to pay extra to advance in games. Some gamers just do not have the time they once had to complete games in any timely fashion. I'm all for allowing another method for people to make the decision ont he time vs money thing. For a lot of people, paying an extra 10-15 dollars is a good trade-off or investment due to their limited game-playing time.
pecorre  +   366d ago
Cheat codes were also a good way to advance in games...
Milruka  +   366d ago
If you don't have the time, go find yourself another hobby. That is how it works, stop screwing the rest of us over.
DCfan  +   366d ago
So you're basically saying "Fuck people who have lots of time to invest in their favorite hobby while i convince the publisher that we are morons"
Its people like you who are making gaming worse.
DanielGearSolid  +   366d ago

He clearly said he appreciates the OPTION of paying to advance faster

How is that an insult to ppl who can still play the game by putting alot of time into it?

How are u getting "screwed over"? Its optional. @Miruka
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Milruka  +   365d ago
Easy DCfan, options turn into mando features. Just look at online play, you didn't have to pay for a sub until the xbox came out. And now that the 360 did it succesfully sony offered their feature. Next generation they will probably require payment to get online just like MS.
m0lt0n  +   364d ago
So instead of making games (core and hardcore) more enjoyable and accessible to everyone that enjoys them, we should only allow people that have tons of time to advance and enjoy the game to its fullest? Also, not many Paid for games with micro transactions ruin any experiences for anyone else.

Right, its people like me that buy all systems and tons of games that are making gaming worse. Pretty sure it's actually arrogant assholes like you that are making gaming worse. You and people like you give gamers everywhere a bad name.
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coolbeans  +   366d ago
When you look at the psychological examinations regarding micro-transactions, it's really not that simple.
DanielGearSolid  +   366d ago
Please... Elaborate

My stance is its optional

And when ppl say they make things harder to unlock to persuade you to purchase don't have any concrete evidence... Just conspiracies. How can anyone know if the unlock would not have had the same exact requirements without Microtransactions?

Anyway I digress... Please elaborate. Im out of Bubbles but im really interested in seeing an opinion on Microtransactions that isn't just "I hate this cause everyone else does"
coolbeans  +   365d ago

It's funny you should ask that since my most recent blog sheds some light on this ( http://n4g.com/user/blogpos... ).

Even though that's just a surface level look, you can google the "psychology of micro-transactions" to see in-depth research that demonstrates the freemium model as always inflicting psychological warfare to test your patience versus your stinginess. It's not about how smart or dumb one is, but just how much it takes to break down your self-control just so you can give an extra $0.99 for a digital trinket (because what's ninety-nine cents, right?). Having that sort of model in typical games you've already paid $60 for like Forza 5, GT6, Ryse: Son of Rome, etc. is one of the most underhanded tactics those companies have employed yet.
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DCfan  +   366d ago
Well, devs would deal with that logic and lock everything up and leave you with bare bones as you don't have to pay for the other items.

Imagine if in DMC, you only have 1 sword, the rest is locked DLC, you don't have to buy the extra weapons right??

EDIT: @Palitera
Exactly, you don't have to pay to get all the swords, but eventually they'll force you.
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Palitera  +   366d ago
It would be Deep Down.
WikusVanDeMerwe  +   365d ago


At least someone sees the long-term repercussions. Shortsighted in the now won't understand.
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midget_gem  +   366d ago
Yeah paying full whack for half a game and then paying premium for the rest of it, great idea, wish I'd thought of it.
djplonker  +   366d ago
I play on ps4 and have no concept of this.... you pay $60/£40 for a game and then it has microtransactions like a f2p game?
Palitera  +   366d ago
Don't worry. Sooner than you think it will come to us*.

*I'm a PS4 owner as well.
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djplonker  +   366d ago
Yeah on 3rd party ea games maybe I cant see any first party studios doing this...
Jdoki  +   365d ago
I don't mind Paymium for those people with no time on their hands who just want to play the end game. I have no problem with EA doing this for Need for Speed for example. Even in FPS games to unlock weapons - a noob gamer who pays is still going to get pwnd by someone who has put the time in to level up.

But Paymium where the dev intentionally makes a game more of a grind to 'encourage' paying to speed up advancement is probably where I stop gaming regularly. Or the dev makes certain useful / desirable items pay only. Or the dev adds 'I win' items as pay only.
WikusVanDeMerwe  +   365d ago
Tell a company what you want and let that dollar do all the talking for you. Don't ever believe a company (money) will think of you before themselves. It's all a matter of when unless we the gamers keep them in check; which we haven't.

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