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A video look at the Xbox One /Xbox 360 exclusive platform adventure game, Max The Curse of Brotherhood from Press Play.

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corvusmd1605d ago

7? Are you kidding me, I bought this on a whim and it was a hugely pleasant surprise. This game is pretty damn awesome, it's super creative, the puzzles are fun, and it doesn't get boring. It won't win game of the year cause it's just an arcade style game, but for what it is, it's damn fun. 9/10 in my book

PeaSFor1605d ago

played it on Xbone and i hated the gameplay(it would have been SO MUCH better on a tablet), and the story is just a blatant copy/pasta from the movie Labyrinth.

would give it 7/10 on a tablet since the gameplay would be perfectly suited for it but on console i wouldnt give it more than a 4.5/10.(if you dont agree with me... spam the disagree button it may make you feel better)

DeathOfTheFanBoy1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

This game blew me away, I thought it would be a nice change of pace, it was so so so much more.
Oh and beautiful too.

danowat1605d ago

I was surprised with the media reception to this, I thought it was a great game, enjoyed every minute of it, plus it looked gorgeous.