Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: Missing Sea Of Blood

It appears the blood scenes on Tomb Raider Definitive Edition has been toned down dramatically from its previous last generation version, despite the game being 18+

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Frankskint1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I guess it's not so definitive after all then. There needs to be blood, or whats the point of it being an 18 plus game right?

Azmatik1630d ago

Theres lots of blood in the game.... Just not a rediculous ammount like a river of blood that some how got there that noone knows how and has no reason to be there. Plus id rather the blood turnd to water so when she jumps in the water she gets cleaned off so i can see her sexiness more :D

henrythomas2841631d ago

I have to disagree, I think the blood scenes were a little over done and it looks more realistic now.

Azmatik1630d ago

completely agree with u as i playd on pc before i feel the changes ppl are complaining about make the game more realistic

ArronNelson1631d ago

I think there has to be a certain amount of blood to make the game look and feel realistic.

TheGrimReaper00111630d ago

But if you fall in a pool of blood, then you would have more blood on your face
how else is that realistic?

Cryptcuzz1630d ago

Why does it appear the PS4 version's color in the screenshot so washed out and flat?

Was the display settings set to limited?
Looks like as if the brightness and picture was cranked up all the way. I thought the PS4 has that setting on Auto by default?

Either way, I don't see why the blood was absent in the scene on the PS4 version. Either the devs forget to include that, or it was their decision not to cover Lara in so much blood on this version of the game. No way the PS4 would not be able to handle rendering that, considering the PS3 version, like the article says, has that.

With all the great reviews coming out for the definitive version, I am really thinking about getting this game for the PS4. Never played it on the PS3 version, so I don't mind the full price in seeing where lara's latest adventure would take her.