Flappy Bird – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

WP - "Flappy Bird, one of the most frustrating mobile games ever to come out, has become the most popular game on iOS and Android. It’s a simple and effective combination of endless running (or flying), 8 bit graphics, and an insanely hard difficulty level that fosters the desire to beat your friends at the game, just like Snake did back in the day."

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JarqueMcLark1513d ago

This is definitely the most annoying game I've played in a long time!

I found a few more tips here that helped though -

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smash31512d ago

For those who wants flappy bird hacks .. here is a link hope this help enjoy guys :D


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DragonKnight1513d ago

Ok, this has to be spam. Two comments made that are pretty much the same comment. 3 accounts involved who, when you look at the account pages, look very similar to each other, and this kind of article gets 400 degrees already? What the hell is going on?

JaredH1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

I kind of agree since I haven't even heard of this game but when I looked it up it's apparently the next mobile game fad like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Candy Crush, etc. Maybe people actually want hints for it but I don't know since I stopped playing games on my phone.

I know the arranr guy is spamming since he is posting a site made by "Arran".

DragonKnight1513d ago

There's more to it than that.

If you go to the info for who approved this article, you'll see it passed with only 4 votes instead of the standard 10. The story is 3 hours old, and yet has 400 degrees and is in the top news section.

The accounts of the first 2 commenters and the account of the submitter are very similar to each other (for example, look at what each of them lists under Gender).

I find a hard time believing that this is legit.

arranr1513d ago

No, I wasn't spamming. I was helping. I made the site to help others.

G20WLY1513d ago

The guy above you, arranr, joined 1 hour ago, immediately before making his first post here. It's spam alright.

I wouldn't click the link, just in case it's malicious.

DragonKnight1513d ago

It's not malicious for me. I don't know if that's because I have a good anti-virus, the fact I use ad block, or the fact that the site is pretty frickin' barren, but I checked it out in a separate tab and there was like 2 or 3 "articles" on the site. It's nothing but a wordpress blog really.

G20WLY1513d ago

Thanks DK. Oh well, the mods will be along soon and banish this nonsense to whence it came - perhaps they'll ban associated accounts if it's as dodgy as it looks.

The only time you see accelerated heat articles the mods put a banner up to explain that they did it and why, so someone has to be being naughty here... >_>

DragonKnight1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

You're welcome.

arranr1513d ago

It isn't malicious. You can see a report for my site here - sitecheck.sucuri (.net) /results/www.flappybirdguide.c om/

I spent quite alot of time developing the site and I plan to get more content on the site soon. It was made to help.

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V12Mercedes1513d ago

@DK check my reply below at the bottom of the thread

V12Mercedes1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

@DragonKnight: Submitter here. I can tell you for certain that the first two commenters have nothing to do with me. The first guy isn't a spammer (check his commenting and submitting history) and the second guy, the arran dude, is a spammer, whose site I have nothing to do with.

As for my profile, I was just too lazy to make one, which is why I didn't put anything in it. I added it now. But the 4 approvals thing is because I submitted it when there were damn near 300 pending articles already that were fast getting pushed down into the back pages. I know when I'm approving articles I'll often go hunting around the back pages to see if anyone posted something legit, that simply got lost in the shuffle. Judging by the fact that sometimes I get zero approvals until 20-40 hours after posting an article, I'm guessing there's a significant number of others who do the same thing.

As for the "heat" rating, I have no bloody idea how the heat even works, so I couldn't tell you anything about why it's that high.

DragonKnight1513d ago

If this post is legit, then it'll be discovered as being legit and nothing will happen. If it's spam, it'll be removed. But you have to admit that everything about this submission looks like spam that cheated the system. A story submitted a mere 3 or 4 hours ago doesn't usually automatically go from needing 10 votes to 4.

V12Mercedes1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

It was marked as approved 5 hours ago, not actually submitted 5 hours ago, but N4G's server glitches it up for some reason. Add a "/pen" to the URL of this post (the n4g post) to see that. I submitted it yesterday, sometime in the late morning. Whenever a post is approved, its "submitted" time is reset to the time that it was approved instead.

I know it'll check out as legit, I just wanted to reassure you and/or protect my name.

Cat1513d ago

As V12Mercedes mentions, the approvals are at 4, rather than 10, because if a submission sits in Pending long enough without reports the number of approvals needed decreases.

There was, however, a problem with the degrees (now corrected).

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