5 Reasons Why 'Tomb Raider' Is Only Definitive On PlayStation 4

Tomb Raider is “definitive” on PlayStation 4 rather than Xbox One with game changing use of controller lights, speaker, Vita remote play and all this at 60 frames per second.

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xHeavYx1508d ago

Up to 60 fps, remote play and an extra $100 in my pocket, not bad

admiralvic1508d ago

I know I'll get a bunch of disagrees for this, but...

"Up to 60 fps, remote play and an extra $100 in my pocket, not bad"

Considering you need a Vita to make use of remote play, wouldn't it be $100 less in your pocket? I mean, you do need to spend $200 more dollars to make use of the remote play feature, which is obviously more than the Xbox One.

SniperControl1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Playing TR while i sit on the toilet....



GryestOfBluSkies1508d ago

ive had a vita since launch, so i would not count that as an extra expense in my case.

MightyNoX1508d ago

I'm guessing he bought a Vita way back, thusly he didn't add it to the cost of the console. I could be wrong, though...

kB01508d ago

It's 100$ more and 1 extra it's worth it:) it opens up new opportunities!

We'll prob see ps4/vita bundles for 500$ in the future, or for 549.99.

I agree though, the xbox one could have reduced resolution to achieve 60 fps, I think it would have been a good trade off:)

admiralvic1508d ago

@ GryestOfBluSkies and MightyNoX

My comment was directed at the fact that it was needlessly negative towards the Xbox One. I don't own one or even like Xbox (or M$ for that matter...), but I still dislike when people make ignorant comments like that. If you want to attack the system, then use facts. Not like there aren't plenty of those laying around...

Play2Win1508d ago

AAA Games while taking a fluffy sh!t is one special moment just for you

Hatsune-Miku1508d ago

Its definitive because its the best version and its on the best gaming system on earth

PlayStation now PlayStation is the future PlayStation forever

Gunstar751508d ago

apparently people disagree with maths....

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dsswoosh1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

This game is last gen so i dont care how great or bad it runs on any console.

Remote play is pretty much useless. I mean seriously, there is zero reason to stream to the PS Vita when you can not be more than 5 yards away from your PS4 to make it work properly.

And as mentioned, you will be $100 out of pocket when you start playing on the Vita.

Wait until tiled resources becomes industry standard for upcoming and future games later this year and forever more.

Consoles that run ports of existing games using yesterdays technology means nothing in performance tests.

The XB1 architecture with lower latency DDR3 RAM and it's ESRAM buffer destroys the off the shelf PS4 hardware for performance and efficiency for upcoming use of TR.

xHeavYx1508d ago

Wow, your last sentence is one of the most nonsensical (sucks not to be able to use the word I'm thinking of) comments I've seen from a blindfolded one bubble guy.

GribbleGrunger1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Sometimes I wish I was young again but then I read posts like this and thank the Lord I'm old. So misinformed and so out of the loop.

Whiskeyjacked871508d ago

This could quite possibly be the silliest comment ever posted.

SniperControl1507d ago


"Remote play is pretty much useless. I mean seriously, there is zero reason to stream to the PS Vita when you can not be more than 5 yards away from your PS4 to make it work properly."

Do your research before posting total uninformed fanboy garbage, the Vita can be used on a local wireless network with hardly any noticeable lag to stream games, it does not require the user to be 5 feet yards from the PS4.

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Cueil1508d ago

this argument is stupid... in reality you never get to play the definitive version because PC gets the game at 60+ fps at 4K

GamersHeaven1508d ago

60fps is gravy enough for me.

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GusBricker1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Please tell me the DS4's speaker works better than Wii's. If not...

MasterCornholio1508d ago

Then you can always enjoy the superior framerate.


Ron_Danger1508d ago

It does... And it's actually surprising how good the audio quality is... The first time I picked up an audio log in Killzone and it started playing through the controller I was shocked... Sony really did a great job with it.

GryestOfBluSkies1508d ago


i hope outlast uses the speaker....

razrye1508d ago

I agree. First time I heard it was in killzone. Startled me abit lol

Spenok1508d ago

Very true. I was a little stunned myself when the audio started to play. :D

scott1821508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The controller is so good, adds so much to a game. Love that it lights up a bit when you fire your gun, and shows your health status and stuff.

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