Titanfall Has Party System, Controller Aim Assist on PC

Respawn confirms that there will be a party system similar to COD, and controller aim assist is featured in the PC version to help offset mouse & keyboard advantages.

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Imp0ssibl31632d ago

Love the party system, I'll never touch the controller aim assist tho :P

TomShoe1632d ago

I'm glad about the aim assist, that means I can game on my TV with the PC copy and a gamepad. Of course I'll use KBM when I'm trying, but it's nice to chill and game at the same time.

Saves me $500, everybody wins.

Alexious1632d ago

Yeah. I don't have a problem to play with Keyboard and Mouse, but I'm just a lot better with controllers when playing competitively.

H0RSE1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

The thing is, if you were to play competitively against m/kb players also playing competitively, you would likely get destroyed.

There's a reason they put aim assist on controllers and not m/kb...

qu1ckset1632d ago

Totally agree with H0RSE , I tried that with bf4 and I got destroyed , then practiced with a razer nostromo and mouse and I raped in bf3 , will use the same setup in Titanfall

H0RSE1632d ago

I know a lot of console fans are going to disagree with my statement, but it's just how it is. Without getting into a huge m/kb vs controller debate, I'll just put this out there:

Virtually every advantage the mouse has over a controller, is a technical one. An advantage that can be proven and reproduced in test conditions. They are faster, more responsive, more precise, and easier to maintain accuracy at higher speeds, which is why many m/kb user play using sensitivity settings far higher than the highest controller settings. These are aspects you look for when deciding which device is more optimal.

Virtually every advantage of the controller, lies within opinion and personal preference - it's more comfortable, I can game on my sofa, I'm better with it, it just feels right, etc. There is virtually no amount of testing that could prove a controller is more efficient/optimal than using a mouse. The only advantage I can really think of, is the ability to accelerate/decelerate, by changing the the amount of force on the sticks, but in a competitive environment, this provides a negligible advantage, if one at all.

Claiming you are better on one controller than mouse, does not offer evidence to the claim that controllers are better than mice, only that the user using the device is better at using one over the other. Some people might ride horses better than they can drive, but a car is still faster than a horse.

Even the article in the article hints that m/kb are better than controllers when he says:

"Another juicy tidbit is that those who intend to play with a controller on PC version might stand a chance after all, thanks to some good ol’ aim assist."

Try doing this with a gamepad:

kiz26941632d ago

Yeah this is great news! I'm not getting an X1 but would love to try this out, and knowing it will have controller support on PC is great. Does anyone know what the system requirements will be? I know its a modified Source engine so I guess you wouldn't need a beat to run? am I right?

Alexious1632d ago

@H0RSE: That's exactly what I've said. I never said a controller is better for FPS, just that I am better at playing competitive shooters with a controller rather than a mouse.

I'm perfectly aware that a mouse is way more precise, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it more.

Volkama1632d ago

You get analogue control of your directional movement on a control pad, as opposed to the 8 directions afforded by WSAD. That's a measurable advantage.

But yes, the advatages of aiming with a mouse just blow that out of the water.

Still, it's an area for potential improvement so one day we may get something even better :)

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karamsoul1632d ago

Respawn is slowly trickling out information about Titanfall, bit by bit. Good stuff!

Alexious1632d ago

Can't wait to play it at 4K downsampled to 1080p.

HarryB1632d ago

WTF aim assist on PC ? on PC ?

Audiggity1632d ago

Yes, for controllers (gamepads, dual analogs, etc.), not for mouse/keyboards...

Even with controller aim assist, I will clean the floor with my m&k combo...

Saryk1632d ago

No shit! The server better have a controller only option if those guys want to play without crying. M/Kb will wipe the floor with someone with a controller. Aim assist better be 180 degrees, lol!

Audiggity1632d ago

@ Saryk...

I'd imagine they will not mix the servers. Similar to how GTA V splits them based on aim assist vs. manual aim... then again, this function isn't really publicized much with GTA V (though it should be), so maybe they'll let it all blend.

Play2Win1632d ago

Such a fast shooter with gamepad on PC? That makes me sad ...

LoaMcLoa1632d ago

It's optional, so why sob? I prefer M&KB but sometimes I like playing on my bed. Very relaxing.

Eldyraen1632d ago

There are plenty of faster FPSers that work with controllers just fine.

M/K may be standard PC affair but good controllers are still capable/viable although to compete on m/k level you usually have to be very, very good. I wouldn't say they were quite on par with m/k but depending on the person or game the option at least is welcome. Precision is M/K biggest strength though which is why it's really best for complicated aiming (BF for example--m/k is "best" option due to smallest mistake and you miss completely especially ranged and on moving targets).

I admit I usually only use controllers on ports (some multiplatform) or some rare pc exclusives though. When gaming on PC m/k usually just feels more natural to me for some reason.

Titanfall doesn't look all that complicated or fast gunplay wise although I think it should be fun. Controllers shouldn't be at as much of a disadvantage in comparison to say BF, Unreal, etc.

Play2Win1632d ago

Well, you should play shooters on PC with mouse and keyb. While controllers are supported on many PC games they are not quite as optimized as the aiming and feeling is on consoles. But there are games I prefer gamepad like AC for example or sport games.

LAWSON721632d ago

Awesome I was hoping for controller support.

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