Gears Of War: Has Microsoft Committed An Epic Fail?

VideoGamer: "Gears of War is now the sole property of Microsoft with developer Black Tusk taking up development. But can it survive without the touch of Epic Games?"

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000011575d ago

yes. why is this series even relevant in 2014 and beyond? its been a trilogy and a prequel, what more is there to this series that couldnt be achieved by creating an original ip. seems like Microsoft is really phoning the exclusives in at the moment.

NYC_Gamer1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

The same reason why Call of Duty/Assassins Creed and many others are relevant...Its because of the huge amount of fans that run out and support sequel/prequels of franchises.

truefan11575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

The is an xbox staple, it must continue to XB1. Also his article is an epic contradiction. He says can it survive without the touch of epic, then later says Rod Ferguson is on board, well isn't that a touch of epic. My goodness, they must let anyone write for this site. GOW will be epic and I'm sure they can find a new fresh idea to keep the series going. Unless the games are absolute garbage, I will always buy a GOW game, same with Halo.

Ashlen1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

This is one trend I can't understand. (buying the same game over and over)

I don't own any CoD, I was bored of Assassins Creed by Brotherhood which I never even finished.

I bought Assassins Creed 4 only because Watch Dogs was delayed and it was the third game on Amazons buy 3 games deal, I haven't finished it either. Pretty much started it and said to myself "welp, this is Assassins Creed with boats" and got bored.

OllieBoy1575d ago

Agreed. I'm pretty mad at MS for this. Sounds like they killed a new IP with a lot of potential for more games in this tired series. And they're going to be non-Epic/Cliffy Gears...look at what happened to Judgement.

Naga1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I'm going to make a crazy suggestion:

How about we wait until more than a week after the purchase of the IP has been announced before we write off all future iterations of the series?

I know, I'm such a doofus for suggesting that. After all, we have SO MUCH INFORMATION at this point to justify such bold predictions.

jgrigs091575d ago

Well we don't know what IP they had. The video that was shown at e3 was not a game. Black Tusk and Phil Spencer said they are working on new IP's but right now they are focused on Gears Of War. So who knows Black Tusk can expand and can hire new people to focus on another IP. I liked the first two Gears of war but after that it went to garbage. Not that I care to much about the game, I'm interested to see if Black Tusk can revive that game.

xDHAV0K24x1575d ago

where is ur proof that they killed off the black tusk project in favor of the next GOW?

malokevi1575d ago

Yeah, continuing to develop one of their staple franchises that people love and keeps cash coming in hand over fist is stupid. There is absolutely no conceivable way that a new gears, under a new studio, on a new engine, with new hardware, could ever possibly be good.

On top of the above statements, which are entirely devoid of sarcasm and ridicule, I simply hate videogames.

DoctorXpro1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

new engine? I bet will be the latest Unreal engine

Septic1575d ago


The latest engine is a new engine....

DoctorXpro1575d ago

@Septic not completely new, and Rod Ferguson knows how that works. just like frostbite engine they say its new but theres mistakes on bf4 that was on bad company.... so is not that new

malokevi1575d ago

Grears 4 => Gears 5 ... new game

Unreal Engine 3 => Unreal Engine 4 ... new engine

It's really that simple. Why split hairs?

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jdaboss1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

yes. why is this series even relevant in 2014 and beyond? its been a trilogy and a prequel, what more is there to this series that couldnt be achieved by creating an original ip. seems like Sony is really phoning the exclusives in at the moment.. <-- the same could be said about God of War, Killzone etc.. But you wont say that will you.. shove your blatent bias up your a$$

Farsendor11575d ago

Killzone story has yet to be finished. I agree with God of War they need to end that.

thrust1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

You beat me to it, well said!

Gears online rocks! Please never end it!

tuglu_pati1575d ago


so as long as they don't end the story the can make hundred of them. Well that makes sense...

Sometimes I don't understand the reasoning behind some of the comments here.

thrust1575d ago

The same reason SS or uncharted will be.

I can not wait Xbox for me is about online gaming and gears was great for MP

Darrius Cole1575d ago

Microsoft buying Gears of War wasn't about making good games. It was about keeping Gears of War off of the PS4, which is exactly where it was going; it was going to be multiplat.

Microsoft was afraid that with all the bad press they were having and the extra $100 on their price tag, they could not afford to have people start saying that the Xbox was now losing exclusives.

I think Microsoft made the right decision. Perhaps they are slowly learning what Sony appears to already know, IN THE LONG RUN, YOU CAN'T RELY ON IP THAT YOU DO NOT OWN.

Ashby_JC1575d ago

You have hit on what not to many are discussing. The purchase was about getting the IP but like you said keeping it OFF any other non xbox platform.

Which IMO is money that had to be spent.

Imagine the press if Gears got on a sony console. Like a next gen remake of Gears 1. Or the next gears game exclusive to the PS4!!

That would have been a disaster!!!!!!

Darrius Cole1574d ago

Yep, that press would have been an unmitigated disaster.

"Why buy and Xbox One when you can play Gears of War for $100 less on a PS4."

MS had to do it, they didn't really have a choice. They knew it, Epic knew it, Sony knew it, we knew it,....everybody knew it. And Epic busted Microsoft head good, a $100,000,000 for one IP.

Aces171575d ago

Bet this won't be said when Sony comes out with God Of War 4. Both are successful and I'd love to see sequel to both.

combatcash1575d ago

Because it's a great series that people love. I'm sure there will be another God Of War, Uncharted, Last of us, Halo, Fable and so on as long as they produce quality games then they can keep them alive.

AngelicIceDiamond1575d ago

@Flowers That's great logic.

Why is Gears and God Of War still relevant? Both have been a trilogy and prequel?

But seriously you act like the games getting released tomorrow. Its gonna be a while until we hear an officially announcement title.

000011575d ago

well that logic is only used by you. i wasnt bringing up Sony 1st party games because the article was about gears of war. but sure, obviously games like god of war need to be retired as well. i think your trying to find a fanboy argument where there isnt one. i think sony and ms both need to stop pumping more money in games that have already been played out.

DevilishSix1574d ago

There was a nice discussion about the Gears franchise on the latest Giant Bomb weekly podcast. I agreed with alot of what they said. The trilogy wrapped up everything nice and tight so where would they take the series and what could they do where we fans would actually care? What could they change about the gameplay, as it seems all third person games have ripped off the cover system. Really what is there left to do then to artifically extend out franchise to sell more copies.

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ShugaCane1575d ago

No I don't think so. Gears is a great series, but every episode is just more of the same in my opinion. Especially the very last one, which was, to me, a really useless prequel. So I think that a new developper, new team, new people will bring the breath of fresh air that the franchise needed.

Mikelarry1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

personally the gears series ended with 3, i didn't even bat an eye lid for judgement. i cant think of what story is left to tell in this world " Marcus mum was really the locust queen and she is the one pulling the strings all along" but it will be interesting to see what black tusk brings to this franchise and although i will not buy it i wish them good luck

KillrateOmega1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I feel the same. I'm not really sure where they can take it from here.

ceedubya91575d ago

I think that is the exciting part about this. We don't know where they will take it. That opens up plenty of possibilities for storylines within the current universe or even something all new that isn't related to the status quo.

rela82me1574d ago

I believe I read another article the other day mentioning the possibility of a different genre of Gears. I hope that they actually keep it set in the same universe, just get a NEW set of characters, perhaps even introduce a new race of people and issues.

Hell make it a completely different game... We have a long time until any of this gets sorted out, so I think it would be best to forget about it for a few years.

DanielGearSolid1575d ago

Epic makes generic games...

It's not gonna be hard to replicate

strigoi8141575d ago

fatigue will be a factor for this game, the story ended right on the third installment..anyway wish them luck

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