Games That Need HD Remakes: Streets of Rage

There are a ton of franchises that should be revived for this new generation. Streets of Rage has to be somewhere near the top of that list.

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dead_pixels1483d ago

While I would love to see Streets of Rage brought back in any form (Hell, I think at this point I'd even settle for a SoR kart racer with stealth elements), I think part of the game's visual charm is the gritty, lo-fi aesthetics.

Even still, I'd love to see this happen.

OurcadeGames1483d ago

Its like my dream remake man. I absolutely loved this series and everything about it.

dead_pixels1483d ago

You and me both (even though the US version of 3 is nigh impossible!) As a lifelong Sega stalwart, nothing would make me happier than to see Streets of Rage and Shining Force revived with quality modern day sequels. Just the thought of Shining Force being crafted around the incredible Valkyria Chronicles framework is enough to make me drool.

But yeah, Sega!

bjmartynhak1482d ago

I thought that after Dragon`s Crown we would see something like this being announced soon.

My hopes are still on.

OurcadeGames1482d ago

Dragon's Crown is such an awesome game and it absolutely proves this type of experience is still desired in the marketplace.

MWH1482d ago

agreed, but in the right hands I'm sure they can deliver the desired experience.

Hellsvacancy1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Road Rash baby, oh and the Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike games, LOVE them

I've always wanted a Populous The Beginning HD remake (my most favourite game of all time) I don't think i'll ever get one, unless maybe a diehard fan does it one day

wheresmymonkey1482d ago

It almost did a couple years ago though, There's test footage on Youtube.

the 3D version is pretty bad ass though.

sonicsidewinder1482d ago

There is a Streets of Rage Remake for the PC (fanmade)

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