Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – First Week Japanese Sales Numbers

In it’s first week in Japan, an estimated 30,192 copies of the PlayStation 3 and 22,901 copies of the PlayStation Vita version were sold.

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jonboi241633d ago

Really, do we need a new Dragon Ball game every couple of years. Damn the series has been over for so long. How many time can you re-tell or re-imagine the same DBZ story over and over again. At least come up with a new story.

Snookies121633d ago

I kind of agree about the story part... As much as I am all for amazing single player experiences over multi-player... I think what they need to do is JUST focus on multi-player for a DBZ fighting game. Have all the characters from the lore, and just focus on having incredible battles. I mean come on, as much as I loved DBZ, it wasn't the story that kept me watching lol. It's all about the awesome fights.

Becuzisaid1633d ago

Kind of agree but I still like story modes just to relive classic battles. Really wish they'd dig into the prequel series Dragon Ball and add in those stories instead of GT too.

Becuzisaid1633d ago

Would love to buy this since I haven't played a dbz game since tenkaichi 2 but there's no vita retail version only digital. The demo was pretty fun.

slivery1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Hopefully the sales pick up, contrary to what people say while constantly complaining about transformations this game is a lot of fun especially with friends. Sure it has small flaws that could be improved but what game doesn't? Overall the game looks awesome even on PS Vita, runs great online, exceptionally well in my opinion as I never experience lag and it is just pure fun to play.

I for one hope the series continues to develop. I just don't get how people hate this game so much to each their own I suppose. I think if more actually took the time to play it instead of just playing it for an hour and deciding the game is crap based on a hour play session they might see there is more depth to this game than meets the eye.

Akuma071632d ago

All of the DBZ games have been terrible since Budokai 3. They need to make an action-RPG DBZ game.