Square Enix has something to reveal tomorrow on YouTube

Square Enix has taken to Twitter to tease an announcement of some description tomorrow via its YouTube channel.

The news drop, whatever it might be, will come as part of Square Enix Presents, according to the company’s tweet, as seen below.

"BTW if you're a fan of awesome, keep an eye on our YouTube channel Square Enix Presents tomorrow. What might show up there...? Hmm..."

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-Foxtrot1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

It's a brand new....IOS game.

Palitera1630d ago

No hype at all here, as almost none of their franchises are good for me.

Just thought someone could be interested.

ShugaCane1630d ago

Tomb Raider ? Deus Ex ? Kingdom Hearts ? Just Cause ? Sleeping Dogs ? FF ?

None of these are good for you ? :(

Palitera1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I mean the recent ones. I really liked Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause.

But their recent/current games do not interest me at all (Thief and Murdered seem bad), apart from Kingdom Hearts, which looks good.

XtraTrstrL1629d ago

It'll prolly be something like FF XIII-X8.

abzdine1629d ago

no hype, just one more costume for lightning returns....
Squaresoft where are you? :`(

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Rockstar1629d ago

It's Youtube so whatever it is it will be blocked on the grounds of copyright infringement :P

Gamer19821629d ago

probably on the ios game.. Does anybody care anymore? Also these big announcements are usually a load of crap these days..

JOEgolferG1629d ago

Square Enix is on a decent comeback by the looks of things.

Irishguy951629d ago

One thing square remix has thought me

Never look forward to anything...ever

3-4-51628d ago

Hoping for a new IP....on Vita or 3DS

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majiebeast1629d ago

It was the FF13 retrospective.

Chrono1629d ago

This is true, the tweet was posted before that video was up.

PS4isKing_821629d ago

Final fantasy 13-4: lightning returns................... Again.

abzdine1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

FF13-4: Lightning Leaves..
you can't return twice you need to leave in between :D

FF13-5: returns....again

SirBradders1629d ago

Final fantasy 13-4 The lighting strikes back
FF 13-5 A grown hope
FF 13-6 Return of the lighting strike

memots1629d ago

Lightnings returns new outfit ..... Smh

youndamie1629d ago

You mean returns outfit to the store? lol she tries on so many in her latest game.

memots1628d ago

lol .. yeah bad spelling ..

I meant to say Lighting gets new outfit again..
That how low gaming as come. I use to be excited for anything Enix and Squaresoft .. but not anymore

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