Flappy Bird Review – A Plague of Pipes and Pigeons | Twinfinite

Chaz at Twinfinite writes,

By now, if you’re active on social media, you’ve likely heard of Flappy Bird, the latest mobile-gaming craze sweeping across everything like Angry Birds in its heyday. I’ve decided, against all of my better senses, to throw myself headlong into writing a review of this deceptively simple yet infuriatingly difficult game, share what I think about it’s place in the world of gaming, and offer my own take on the sweeping insanity that is … Flappy Bird.

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Dehnus1514d ago

SO... this is what people want Nintendo to make? REALLY?! This is what "Super Cool Bro/Core Gamers!" think gaming on Wii U is like?

Siiigh.... my foot is itching to kick up people's arses.

mixelon1513d ago

lol. Not even remotely. How the hell did you concoct that idea?

Dehnus1513d ago

Look at the art style and how you guys tend to concoct that Nintendo needs to go mobile.

Forgetting that beyond these kind of "control schemes" not much is possible that compares to the joy of a Nintendo Controller on mobile platforms.

The art style is also a blatant rip off.