Is TitanFall The Killer Game Which Microsoft Needs For Xbox One Against PS4?

"Both fans and critics across the globe are expecting TitanFall to perform well so much so that some have even started calling it the next-big thing in overcrowded first person shooter genre. Is it too early to give such TITLE to a brand new IP from a newly formed studio?"

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kiz26941508d ago

To me I don't think 1 game can define which console is better (because of course some people will and hate and some will love all down to opinion). I really do think Titan Fall will be a good game, but maybe not the game changer people suggest. I see a "game changer" is a game that will set trends for future games, I don't see anything TitanFall is setting a trend with.

dedicatedtogamers1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

It very well might be, but Titanfall faces two major hurdles:

1) It's MP only. A lot of people say this doesn't matter. History tells a different story. Online-MP-only games have not fared well so far on consoles. There's a long line of MP-focused games like MAG, Defiance, Brink, Homefront, Starhawk, Section 8, the recent failed Tribes reboot, etc. as well as plenty of other new FPS IPs littering the graveyard.

2) It's multiplat. This is a wildcard. Who knows if it will actually make the X1 sell in droves since it is available on PC and 360 as well? I don't think I've ever - in my life - seen a game console's early momentum hinging entirely on a lone multiplat game.

We'll see if the game performs well. X1 has an uphill battle against PS4. I might try Titanfall on PC when it comes out, just to see what the fuss is about, but no SP kinda deflates my interest in it.

kreate1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I think games like titanfall, a AAA title, needs to be released continuously.

With many disadvantages the X1 already has, it needs to beat the Ps4 in exclusive AAA titles.

Buying gears of war was a great move.

Let's see what else Microsoft gonna do.

Edit: titanfall maybe multiplat, but it would be ' Microsoft exclusive' and that's good enough for the fanboys. Becuz that would be the argument they would be making.

Sono4211508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

this is just my opinion as an Xbox One owner but.. I for one am so dissapointed.... I bought the Xbox One for Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, quantum break, Ryse, and Project Spark. Now i'll start with the ones I already own.. Deadrising 3 and Ryse.. Deadrising 3 is fun to play.. i' not gonna lie.. but I was severly dissapointed with how last gen it is.. If you drive a car at anything over 10mph you have objects just poping in because they take too long to load.. it can't load fast enough to keep up with the speed your going and that's kinda sad.. then if you clear out an entire area of zombies so that theres none around you can literally see them spawn and just pop up out of nowhere... not to mention the visuals aren't anything great at all.. sure its fun with a friend but it certainly is nothing next gen whatsoever... and then there's Ryse..

This game I didn't have high expectations for already.. but man... it's just so... repetitive and not fun.. I mean.. I hate to sound just like every other nay sayer out there but it really is true.. it just isn't fun and get's boring so quick.. I haven't beat it and probably never will.

Then there's these two games comming out which I WAS very excited for.. Titanfall and Project Spark. Now Titanfall is confirmed only 6v6 with a bunch of ai running around? WHAT!?!? I don't play online to get killed by ai... I understand some poeple like bot mode but I seriously hate it.. hated it in Killzone, hated it in Call of Duty.. I just always hate playin against AI for multiplayer.. it seriously contradicts the point of it being multiplayer.. for this reason alone my hype is at an all time low.. but i'm probably still going to end up getting it :/

As for project spark.. now I hear it's a free to play game with Microtransactions?!?!?! WHY!?!? You seriously finally come up with one of the coolest games ever and then you RUIN it with Microtransactions.. I would MUCH rather just pay $60 for the whole game.. but ugh.. whatever.. I still have sunset overdrive and quantum break.. Not to mention all the PS4 exclusives :D

quaneylfc1508d ago

almost every free game has a lot of microtransactions. free doesn't ever mean free in this industry but again, bubble for your opinion. 2 opinions in one day, whats going on ??

mrpsychoticstalker1508d ago

Stealth trolling, I see. I own both consoles, and as of this point there are not real,games that get my attention on the ps4, only the curious about THAT game. I like what microsoft is doing, investing in new as well as old IPs. There are games for everyone.

UnHoly_One1508d ago

You realize that the phrase "Next Gen" literally means that it is on the new generation of consoles, correct?

There is no quantifiable THING about a game's looks or design that makes a game "Next Gen".

Saying "Dead Rising 3" is not Next Gen is outright incorrect. You played the game on Xbox One, it's Next Gen. Period.

I hate when people use that phrase to mean something it doesn't. Say there is nothing innovative about it, say that it runs like crap or has bad loading issues, or just plain say you think it sucks, but you can't say it isn't Next Gen, that doesn't make sense.

Sorry for the rant, but that is a huge pet peeve of mine.

As for the rest of your opinions, it sounds like you are buying games that you just plain shouldn't be buying. lol

Everyone has their own tastes and it sounds like you are buying games that don't suit your taste. You just finish a sentence talking about how everything about Titanfall isn't your style, then said you'd probably buy it anyway.

That's what I don't get about all the Titanfall complaints. The game is what it is. If you don't like what it is, don't buy it and just go play something else.

When they announce the next Elder Scrolls game you won't see a bunch of people complaining and saying stuff like "I wish it had turn based combat", or "It needs to look more like an Anime instead of being all Western."

You won't hear that because that would be stupid. There are games like that. Those people won't complain because they'll just wait for the next JRPG instead.

Why does everyone want Titanfall to be a different game? I just don't get it. I don't recall ever seeing anything like this for any other game in history.

otherZinc1508d ago

Correction: there are 3 killer games for M$ against SONY.
And SONY has Zero killer games against M$:

Killer Games:
Halo 5
Gears of War:next

kiz26941508d ago

The Order 1886
Uncharted Next
God of War Next
LBP Next
ND unannounced newIP
Sony Santa Monica 2 new IPs.

Majin-vegeta1508d ago

It may move a few units here and there but nothing major like people are making it out seem like.

aviator1891508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Having played the game myself at several events, I personally have never been more excited to play a mp game.
But, to each his/her own and opinions will be different across the board. We won't know for sure until the game is released and we've compared the numbers over time.

I honestly don't know what there was to disagree with my statement. That I'm excited for the game? That opinions will vary? That we won't know for sure until we've received hard numbers post release?

quaneylfc1508d ago

bubble for sticking to an opinion, one thing that never really gets used on this website. the comments above and below look like they've been written by a Sony marketing manager. the reaction to this game from xbox one owners is the same as the reaction to Killzone shadow fall from ps4-only owners. no one seems to take the battlefield series into account when they mention mp only games, they're fun when they work.

Killzone shadow fall was the flagship game of the playstation 4 and it was so boring, yes it looked nice but the story mode was about as fun as call of duty: ghosts. (i've loved all cod games but ghosts just to point out) The style over substance accusation was forgotten about by users of this website, constantly praising Killzone in every way when the only thing that they liked was the name of the publisher.

The only way i will like this game is if it is fun, a feature that Killzone shadow fall lacked.

lifeisgamesok1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Idk if it is but it definitely looks good and fun

It looks more fun than a lot of multiplayer in other games

There's other contestants this year though ;)

Halo 5, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends

ic3fir31508d ago

titanfall and announced next gears, both are games that sell consoles, and will sell a lot for them same, titanfall alone does not make a choice, but with halo, gears together on the same console, oh yes, it will make a lot of people prefer the xbox one , xbox one is the best console for hardcore multiplayer.

and no doubt that microsoft will buy the rights titanfall, or will pay more to have the exclusive next on titanfall 2

JeffGUNZ1508d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if MS tries to buy Respawn as their studio. I see this game as a test drive to see if it is big. If it follows through, MS will more likely than not try and secure this studio.

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