Emulation on PS4 is Great News… For Gamers and for Libraries

Mike writes, "Having a local emulation service provides an opportunity for a generation who perhaps missed some of this era's titles the first time around. This, plus the technical benefits of emulating locally as opposed to on a streaming service, points towards a savvy PR move that could really push the PS4 over the top as the must-have console for video game enthusiasts.

While that's awesome as it is, I get really excited when I put my Librarian hat on."

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dansdooz1632d ago

Emulation ON ps4, is that done on purpose to get hits?

MikeEaton1632d ago

Oops. Yes, it should say ON PS4. Sorry about that.

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Blackcanary1632d ago

For me i wanna play Primal, Dark Cloud 2, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil Code Veronica X , Alundra, Grandia 2, Star Ocean Till the end of time, Kingdom Hearts, TR Angel of Darkness, FF7: Derge of Cerbraus, FFX-X2, FFXII.

Thats my list lol of ps2 and ps1 games i still have the CD's for.

izumo_lee1632d ago

For me this isn't such a big deal since i still own a PS2 which can play all the PS1 & PS2 games i have.

However there are games back then that i was unable to play cause my budget for buying games wasn't as good as it is now. So i'm more excited for Playstation Now than i am with this.

rainslacker1631d ago

I have a full BC PS3 so I'm set. It's nice to have though. If it got full PS3 BC locally then I could retire my PS3 or put it in the bedroom or something.:)

One thing I'm hoping they do is implement the trophy support for older games. Since I still regularly go back and play old games, it'd be cool to get those and maybe do things that I wouldn't normally do on a replay.

MadMen1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I think SONY should make emulator app for PS1/2/3 Games

You pay 19.99 for it, so you they can recoup their costs; then release the top 25-50 Games on each platform.

Its a Win Win for everyone.

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