Next-Gen Face-Off: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Eurogamer: Earlier this week we kicked off our Tomb Raider coverage with a look at performance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, uncovering some interesting revelations behind the hotly discussed frame-rate situation - but this is just the beginning of the story. There's so much more to cover: Square Enix promises a dramatic graphical upgrade over the previous console releases with this new Definitive Edition, factoring in brand new effects, a remodelled Lara Croft, lashings of extra detail, and physics-based enhancements that supposedly puts this next-gen version of the game ahead of the spectacular PC release. But just how much of an improvement is it, and are the differences worth splashing out for?

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GarrusVakarian1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Just as we already know....PS4 version is the clear winner both visually and technically.

"Overall, PlayStation 4 takes the lead where the next-gen consoles are concerned, with the higher quality effects work and higher frame-rates providing a preferable experience overall, particularly during heated combat, where the drops in performance are both felt and seen more heavily on the Xbox One."

X1 has variable resolution and locked 900p in some non-gameplay scenes....smh.

csreynolds1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Exactly. I also chuckled when the author referred to United Front Games as "Xbox One developer". Yeah, UFG made PlayStation exclusives ModNation Racers and LittleBigPlanet Racers too, Bierton...

jackanderson19851633d ago

they developed this Tomb Raider for the xbox one though and that's why he's said it i'd assume

csreynolds1633d ago


I realise this, but "Xbox One developer" implies UFG only develops for Xbox One. Given it's public knowledge that Eurogamer is extremely pro-Xbox, this was no doubt done deliberately.

The author could've written "developer United Front Games" just as easily...

jackanderson19851633d ago


bad editing really should have added in a comma after the developer and a the before xbox then it'd make more sense when taking the whole sentence into consideration

different folks different strokes at writing styles... admittedly mine is poor on the best of days

also i think this article takes away from the "extremely pro-xbox" argument... certain writers may have a preference towards the console but the same can be said about any console on any site

Volkama1633d ago

I read it and found it pretty obvious that he was referring to development of the XBox One version of Tomb Raider, and not claiming United Front were an exclusive developer (which if anything would only make the performance more damning).

Maybe that's because I already knew about United Front Games, or maybe it's because I'm not looking for any old thing that I could challenge.

csreynolds1633d ago


I suppose it is horse for courses. I am skeptical of the phrasing knowing the site as I do, but I take on board it could just be a style thing.

The author does do a very good job of down playing the PS4 version's achievements though, and making excuses for the Xbox One's weaknesses. Considering this is the new console generation, I don't think upscaled resolutions/30fps cuts it - those are last-gen benchmarks. Just calling it as I (and others) see it.

Kayant1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )


"also i think this article takes away from the "extremely pro-xbox" argument... certain writers may have a preference towards the console but the same can be said about any console on any site" - It don't here because this isn't written by Richard Leadbetter.

But you're right it's mostly probably the writer's style.

LostDjinn1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Well would you look at that Lucas? Turns out that it wasn't just A FPS difference. Strange how certain groups lied about that now isn't it?

After reading through the comments and being a humanitarian kind of guy I'd like to help out though. I think I'm going to need a trowel and 5 buckets of Rectinol. That should ease the pain.

Edit: What? Do you think I'll need more Rectinol?

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Kayant1633d ago

"For the most part the main graphical bells and whistles are lavished equally across both consoles, although intriguingly there are a few areas that do see Xbox One cutbacks. As demonstrated in our head-to-head video below (and in our vast Tomb Raider comparison gallery), alpha-based effects in certain areas give the appearance of rendering at half resolution - though other examples do look much cleaner. We also see a lower-quality depth of field in cut-scenes, and reduced levels of anisotropic filtering on artwork during gameplay. Curiously, there are also a few lower-resolution textures in places on Xbox One, but this seems to be down to a bug (perhaps on level of detail transitions) as opposed to a conscious downgrade."

Oh would you look at that the gaf community were right afterall.

pyramidshead1633d ago

They're generally right about most things to be honest. That's why it's so fun to lurk there. All sorts happens.

Interesting DOC on them actually from gametrailers:
For anyone who's interested and the conspirators who call it SonyGaf ;P

Turns out it 'ain't just some message board' to game devs.

johndoe112111633d ago

The only people who downlplay GAF are the microsoft fanatics because they can't handle it when GAF is right about almost everything. And GAF has been very critical of the xbone this gen and rightly so.

imt5581633d ago

Quote from article :

Xbox One: the anti-aliasing solution remains unchanged, but we see the inclusion of what looks like a variable resolution framebuffer in some scenes, while some cut-scenes are rendered at a locked 900p,

900P in last generation game. NICE!

ambientFLIER1633d ago

A last-gen game that's been beefed up to next-gen graphics, genius. Why don't you numbskulls ever realize that?

ThePope1633d ago

The PS4 has slow down and some lower res textures too. So still have something to say?

pyramidshead1633d ago

This is a last gen game too. Holy christ nipples! :/

Volkama1633d ago

Who cares about technical details? The PS4 version is already the clear winner.

"PS4 the light bar on the Dual Shock 4 changes colour when Lara fires her pistol. "

Come on, it's like having a real gun in your hands! Not even the PC can match that level of immersion :)

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MasterCornholio1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Well at least its only a few cutscenes that are 900P. But overall the PS4 version is better because of the framerate.

Sarcasm1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

"But despite the inconsistency in the PS4 experience, we still feel it's the preferable buy. During combat - a key element in the game - we see the Xbox One drop down to the mid 20s, with the PS4's higher frame-rate offering a clear advantage in both smoothness and RESPONSE, despite the fluctuations - the bottom line is that the differences between 40-50fps on the PS4 are far less of an issue than, say, the 24-30fps drops incurred by the Xbox One. "

And those of you guys saying "but but but there's less lag than 30fps" eat crow.

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johndoe112111633d ago

Oh you'll be shocked at some of the excuses xbox fanboys are gonna come up with....

Letthewookiewin1633d ago

See it everyday. Even from MS.

T21633d ago

check out polygon review LOL they scored them identically and said "doesn't matter in a game like this" actually on second thought don't bother giving them a click, waste of 10 seconds of your life.

Why o why1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Zeff polygon. They are paid shills. They will continue to blurr lines to suit their backers.

This occurrence won't be unique this gen. It was written. Some people are just better off leaving comparison articles well alone. Just look at some of the comments above me...

'The PS4 has slow down and some lower res textures too. So still have something to say?'


'A last-gen game that's been beefed up to next-gen graphics, genius. Why don't you numbskulls ever realize that?'

Lmao.....go to bed fellas, you're tired and suffer from selective amnesia.

Bathyj1633d ago

Just hot air and moisture

cbuc11251633d ago

Now this is MEGATON! Now whats the excuse gonna be? I just cant believe over 3 million people prefer an inferior product. We need to raise the bar and stop settling for less!!!

jackanderson19851633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

well lets see off the top of my head... they prefer MS's exclusives, their friends game on the system, the 720p vs 1080p doesn't affect them due to size of tv or just the lack of caring, they actual like, enjoy and use the kinect

just because you don't like the system doesn't mean others won't

ThePope1633d ago

80million bought the PS3 when it could barely run some multi plats. And then bought a PS4 not knowing if the situation has changed...hmm

DoesUs1633d ago

WTF?! You sir, are clueless.

BattleTorn1633d ago

I personally know people who still prefer Xbox. (where as I have made my switch)

They say "there's no difference between 720 and 1080 - or at least, I don't see it - so who cares"

And I say back, "guys, were coming off a generation where we've been championing Xbox360 multiplat for having a 100p advantage over PS3 (ie COD) - and where one versions having more bugs was total domination' -- where we nitpicked over details on games that ran at the same FPS, and usually same resolutions.

Now, different resolutions, and waay more importantly different FRAMES - doesn't matter at all?

Then they say "dude, I like Xbox, and it's controller - and the games look great to me"

And I shake my head, and go back to my PS4.

Kayant1633d ago

1080p at 40-50fps is a big win for PS4 that's not even including the differences that happens in some cases.

DJustinUNCHAIND1633d ago

I'm playing it on Xbox One right now. I've yet to see this slowdown during heavy combat or action.

csreynolds1633d ago

If you can spot a reduction in frame rate from 30 fps to 27 fps, I want your eyes.

DJustinUNCHAIND1633d ago

That's my point. He says it feels more heavier and more often in the article.

starchild1633d ago

That's because the XB1 version sticks to 30fps 98% of the time. Also, the PS4 version is NOT 60fps. The PS4 version averages about 50fps, see the Digital Foundry comparison.

The XB1's average frame rate for cutscenes is 29.98fps, and for gameplay it is 29.84fps.

A game that spends as much time down in the 40s as it does above 50fps is not a 60fps game, no matter how the developer or fanboys want to bill it.

The only platform that can maintain a solid 60fps or higher on this game is the PC version.

The Xbox One version is capped at 30fps and sticks there the vast majority of the time.

In any case, it's a silly comparison since the XB1 version is capped and the PS4 version is NOT a 60fps game. It fluctuates up and down A LOT and only averages 50.98 fps.

I'm not saying the PS4 version isn't better than the XB1 version overall. I'm just saying the framerate comparison itself isn't what some people have been making it out to be. The advantages the PS4 has over the XB1 are to be found in other areas: resolution, effects, etc.

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