'Dark Souls 2' will penalize players 'who invade but still lose'

Dark Souls 2 is less than two months away from being launched and experts of the first iteration will be glad to hear that even though new players will be allowed to enter your game, they will not impede your overall progress.

Recently, Yui Tanimura, who is Dark Souls 2's co-director, talked about how the game's matchmaking system will be back, along with various penalties for losing players.

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Kivespussi1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Sounds good. They've really improved on pvp and covenants. From what we've seen so far this game could easily top both demon's and dark souls.

lonelyplayer1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Beware the limits of your own power.

Summons751574d ago

Not sure about a limited coop but penalties on douchebags is real nice.

DragonKnight1574d ago

If you mean the gankers from the first game, I believe that it's exceedingly difficult to gank in Dark Souls 2.

I mean, the Azure Guard (I think that's the name) has already been called the "Gank Covenant" but it's not as bad as it sounds.

White Phantoms can only stay for a short amount of time and then they are forced to leave, so no white phantom ganking.

Blue Phantoms are summoned only when you're invaded and they can only attack the invader. This means that you can't summon them whenever you want and wait for an invasion to gang up on the invader. If you've seen some of the videos, you'd see that the invasion spawn points are normally where you invade and not close to the host, so this looks to eliminate spawn ganking too.

All in all, I think From have done a decent job of balancing the online portion of the game, though I'm not thrilled about being able to be invaded while Hollow, that just seems like "salt in the wound" to me.

PurpHerbison1574d ago

I like the optimism DragonKnight, but we won't know how good a job they have done til it releases.

ChickeyCantor1574d ago

AWww yiss, more NPC's to kill. ( I've killed so many because there just standing there and scared the sh/t out of me. After the first bell anyone? )

--bienio--1574d ago

I'll be honest, but I'm afraid that this game beat me😃
Ps. Day 1 for me any way😃