The Elder Scrolls Online pricing and special editions announced

Bethesda/Zenimax have finally announced it's pricing model for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMO.

Also revealed are a number of editions and pre order bonuses

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fluffydelusions1607d ago

Cool CE but didn't care much for the game when I played the beta sadly.

-Foxtrot1607d ago

Pretty much like an inferior version of most MMOs out there. Worse when F2P ones look better then it.

It's like a generic MMO with Elder Scrolls slapped on the title.

thekhurg1607d ago

It's fun.

The Imperial Edition looks awesome too.

MurDocINC1607d ago

I wish they spent the time and money on Skyrim Coop DLC than this cookie cutter MMO.

-Foxtrot1607d ago


To be honest thats the only "pro" about this MMO, that hopefully Bethesda will leave co-op out of main Elder Scrolls games. Not point doing an MMO and then adding online stuff to your main games when they don't need it

SnotyTheRocket1607d ago

Co-op would be great in Elder Scrolls. Like, not as a main thing, or requirement like Resident Evil 5. I mean just like a "Hey, Bruh, lets go kill a Dragon" type thing.

-Foxtrot1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

No it wouldn't, it would take time, resources and money away from the single player...and this is made by a dev who can't even do the single player without bugs. Imagine co-op ones and single player ones, then you have the fact they would focus on the co-op ones and leave the single player bugs untill last, hell look how long it takes to fix some of the single player bugs we have now.

Seriously I don't usually judge a people based on what they want or like but to the people out there who actually want co-op despite the cons outweighing the pros and even the consequences after it's launch then your an idiot. Why would you want to risk ruining the game for everyone.

It would ruin the franchise and the risk is just not worth it.

If people want co-op so badly wait for Fable Legends to come out or the next Borderlands. Co-op games built from the ground up.

frostypants1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I haven't played it but to me it looks like they abandoned everything that makes Elder Scrolls special and just went with the standard MMO template. What the hell was the point? When people said they wanted an Elder Scrolls MMO, clearly they wanted Elder Scrolls style gameplay. This game went off the rails before production even began, apparently.

webeblazing1607d ago

with all the coming amazing f2p mmos and paid mmos where you can make enough in game money to pay you sub, i would be surprise if any buy this cash grab.

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bradfh1607d ago

ya i played the beta looks good but i dont think its worth $15 monthly to play.

Marked1606d ago

Absolutely, $60 for the game plus $15 a month on top of that...Please, give us a break with all the whoring in the gaming industry. Most gamers are not wealthy.

jackanderson19851607d ago

so in a european country with the euro currency ur effectively buying the game every 4-5 months... yeah if this succeeds i worry about the future

thekhurg1607d ago

It's a standard MMO - are you new to gaming?

Marked1606d ago

Why does it have to be the standard? Do you feel comfortable giving our money away to an industry that no longer has gamers at the helm.

mo2411607d ago

Who says this will be succesfull. They will probably go f2p in a year. This was actually the past. free 2 play is the future.

mo2411607d ago

yeah maybe not but it became less. With the new mmos coming out. We will probably have just both.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1607d ago

Free to play is only the future because companies are making you pay for the game and then monthly fees after it. If anything just buying the game itself but not having to pay the monthly fees would be the future...That is if companies would stop having you pay monthly fees as most MMOs that do that would just end up going F2P in the end anyway.

CorndogBurglar1607d ago

Its not like this is the first business model like this to ever exist.

tons of MMO's have been pay as you play. If this was going to be a threat to all gaming as we know it, it would have happened a long time ago.

BlueCroup1607d ago

Unfortunately everyone expects everything to be free nowadays.

If there's enough content I think it could work,unfortunately it does seem people will hold off at launch for when it inevitably goes F2P

redcar1211607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Waste of time try beta you will see

frostypants1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

All MMOs should start with a full public beta before final release IMO. There's just too much that a closed beta won't catch. But the BIG problem here: they want full normal game price ($60) AND a $15 monthly fee? Eat a bag of d*cks, Bethesda...that is stupid. Also, MS requiring Gold service for a game with its own monthly fee is a TERRIBLE precedent and a blatant cash grab. Clearly this game won't be using Microsoft's cloud services, so why the Gold subscription requirement?

This game has more fail written all over it than anything I can recall in recent memory.

Deividas1607d ago

If it was F2P i would give it a shot, but sure as hell not paying monthly for it.

frostypants1607d ago

Especially not with a $60 entry price. The software itself should be free or at least very cheap if they want a $15 monthly fee.

Psychotica1607d ago

So I wonder how long it will take for them to abandon the subscription fee and move to F2P like so many other games have done.

FunAndGun1607d ago

It is kinda funny how many gamers are already expecting it to happen and will just being waiting until it does.

Deividas1607d ago

The P2P model is becoming harder and harder to market and have succeed. More games are turning a bigger profit by going the F2P route. This game had such massive hype when they first announced it, and as soon as they announced a subscription, they all abandoned ship. Myself included.

thekhurg1607d ago

They're turning a larger profit because gamers are too stupid to realize that F2P is more expensive because of the constant nickle and dime transactions.

Deividas1607d ago


Oh absolutely. I agree 100% with you but hey, they are getting the money and it helps the people who actually dont spend a dime on it.

thekhurg1607d ago

You aren't the audience for MMO's if you don't want to pay a dime. That's the point being made.

It's better for MMO gamers in general if stuff stays subscription based. With that constant, steady revenue, developers can push content out faster.

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