The war between alliances escalates with the arrival of a new threat in The Elder Scrolls Online

GameZone writes, "In this latest cinematic trailer, the alliance war will take a backseat to a new threat. Check it, it's ok to drool a little bit. We won't judge."

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Dehnus1628d ago

Yawn! Another game with factions that hate eachother beyond reason and if a success for a time until everybody is bloody sick of it except for the a certain kind of PVPers that love to annoy other people or they can't have fun.

Yeah.. I'll pass.

I love PVP, but I love it to be dynamic. AKA I loved Alterac Valley lasting 4 hours, I did not love AV in 15 minutes.

pompombrum1628d ago

AV in vanilla was amazing. You could spend hours in there and have an absolute blast. Guild Wars 2 came close to capturing that with RvRvR however it just didn't appeal to me quite as much as AV.

Dehnus1628d ago

Considering I get 3 disagrees, either someone really does enjoy 15 minute AV's and the current culture of 15 minutes for everything in WOW.. or I got someone disagreeing for different reasons ;).

BUt I do agree completely with you. WOW was slowly changed to be even more addictive then before. Everything changed to a 15 minute thing and people standing in 2 capitals so that people go "Yeah.. another one won't hurt.". Thus catering to the Gambling addicts. I miss instances like BRD with 19 bosses and proper dungeon crawling. But then I"m a Roleplayer that loves RPG's. So I'm no longer the target audience for Blizzard ;).

That I don't fault them for, after all the MOBA culture really took off. I do however fault them for blaming the casual for this.

The Casual gamer was perfectly content doing things his or her own pace. HE or she never asked for everything to be turned down to 15 minute experiences and quests that are so much holding your hand that it's a fairground ride.

However they did put the blame on these people so that people like me would blame them as well. That bugs me, how often I raged at casuals until finally understanding that it was about feeding an addiction while not getting the blame.

Oh well Vanilla, which made far more sense both in story and content will never return. :P. Different target audiences, different times, different games :).