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Outlast PS4 Runs At 60 fps, Developer Faced No CPU Thread Management Issues

"The scares are coming to PlayStation 4 as Outlast will be a part of PlayStation Plus in February and available for free to subscribers." (Outlast, PS4)

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Ultra  +   578d ago
MISTERX and the clones will go ballistic over this kind of delicious news
Mikelarry  +   578d ago
instead of going ballistic you would think they would ask the honest question why is it that whenever resolution is brought up on a multiplatform game there is always no information
cleft5  +   578d ago
This is great news. Glad that development was smooth for them and even happier to be getting this from PS+.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   578d ago
Something I will be fond to play and finish. Sadly, there is no platinum to recompense our efforts for supporting all the creeps in this game.
georgeenoob  +   578d ago
Isn't Outlast an indie game? What's with indies being so surprised their small-scale games are running 60fps and/or 1080p?

Hopefully it will be the same for Xbox once it arrives on the platform.
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Utalkin2me  +   578d ago

So are you implying just cause it is a indie game it can't push graphics?
FITgamer  +   578d ago | Well said
@georgenoob "Hopefully it will be the same for Xbox once it arrives on the platform." If it's not i'd love to see what excuse you come up with.
Whiskeyjacked87  +   578d ago
Lol @georgeenoob I guess the main reason you can't appreciate good, solid indies is because M$ struggles with them. It's actually sad, your missing out, once again. Check your disagrees, 90% of the gamers generally don't like anything you have to say.
BitbyDeath  +   578d ago
@George, titanfall is smaller in scope than this game and isn't made by an indie (online only, small maps, 6vs6). Just cause it is made by an independent developer means nothing.
morganfell  +   578d ago | Funny
There are other items you may want to purchase along with Outlast. These people made advance plans:

ziggurcat  +   578d ago
@ georgeenoob:

respawn is also an indie developer, just so you know...
Neonridr  +   577d ago
@ziggurcat - Respawn is in no way an indie developer compared to a company like Red Barrels. Don't confuse yourself. Respawn has funding from a larger company. Red Barrels had to self publish their title, hence the digital release only.
ziggurcat  +   577d ago
@ Neonridr:

Indie doesn't necessarily mean that it's someone in a basement or a small studio self-publishing all of his/her/their games.

Respawn is independent in that they are not owned by anyone (i.e. Sony, MS, Activision, EA, etc...). Getting funding from EA and/or MS for Titanfall doesn't negate the fact that they are an independent studio.
Xsilver  +   578d ago
"Outlast will run at 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution."
like i expected anyless
Dynasty2021  +   577d ago
Tomb Raider "runs" at 60 FPS.

Aka an average of 53, lows of 40, 60 sometimes.

I expect less than 60, frankly. Hitting 60 now and then.
ovnipc  +   578d ago
Ps4=beast! Its the the xone this gen ps3? Hard to develope for.
Play2Win  +   578d ago
No, the PS3 was good. Now sit down.
Lunarassassin  +   578d ago
I doubt very much that the xbox one is in any way like the ps3.
If the xbox one is harder to develop for but still has worse graphic, it has major problems.
ABizzel1  +   578d ago

No the XBO isn't hard to develop for, and no developer has ever said that. The XBO is designed in a very similar way the XB 360 was, except instead of Power PC, they have a more traditional CPU standard.

Xenon < AMD Jaguar = Ease of development
ATI GPU = AMD GPU = Same manufacturer new Name, better hardware
512MB < 8GB = Obviously more RAM and faster RAM is better
10MB eDRAM < 32MB eSRAM = Again more RAM and faster RAM

The problem is 32MB of eSRAM isn't enough to supplement Full HD game development, with games that require significantly more resources. Everything is HD now, including all textures, better lighting, reflections, some ray tracing techniques, better AA, higher resolutions, more AI, more objects on screen, greater particle effects, etc... and all that takes a toll on the hardware.

10MB of eDRAM proved to be enough for 360 games, because everything listed above was either missing, or severely downscaled to low resolutions for the games to run. 32MB has proved to not be enough to handle the majority of the upgrades to current games even with a bandwidth of 204 GB/s. The amount of eSRAM is the problem the XBO has. It should have been ideally 512MB, or 1GB (like the GPU it's based off of has).

Meanwhile the PS4 has 8GB of RAM with 176 GB/s of bandwidth, which means those features aren't a problem.

Add in the fact the the PS4s GPU is simply 40% more powerful, and that's why the XBO is struggling with these current-gen games. It's the hardware, not coding for the console.

Better tools, and removing under-clocks (aka heat barriers) will help, but the main problem is back at the production stages. The XBO will always be behind the PS4 this generation, and exclusives first party games will show that most of all.

It's not a knock to the XBO, but it is what it is. Better hardware produces better graphics, framerates, and resolutions.
OpenGL  +   578d ago
@ ABizzel1

The SRAM on the Xbox One is not faster than the eDRAM on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 eDRAM had 256GB/s of memory bandwidth, compared to at best ~200GB/s of memory bandwidth. (100GB/s peak read/write speed)

It is larger though and able to do more (360 eDRAM was limited to frame buffer operations) so it's probably better overall. 10MB was not really large enough on the 360 which is why tiling was implemented in most games that had a 720p rendering resolution.

Having say 128MB or even 256MB of eSRAM might give a little more parity with the PS4 but the Xbox One's APU is already larger than the PS4's in die size despite the fact that the PS4's actual GPU has more compute logic as you mentioned.

Going to 4x or 8x the current SRAM size would balloon the die size massively and would increase costs to the point where the eSRAM + DDR3 implementation would be more expensive than the PS4's 8GB of GDDR5.

The lowest tray price for Intel's processors that include 128MB of on-chip memory is $434. Even Microsoft couldn't afford that much on-chip memory, making it clear that Sony's implementation was the right choice.
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Regis  +   578d ago
Naw he is still trying to explain to his followers that the X1 has some hidden power. I have both consoles I may use the X1 due to friends that couldn't buy a PS4 but PS4 will be my dominant console for 3rd party games and PS exclusives.
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showtimefolks  +   578d ago

you know what's really funny is how all last gen we heard how 3rd party games look better on xbox360 and ps3 is only good for exclusives. Now ps4 will be great with exclusives since sony still owns all those studios. Plus you get better looking/performing 3rd party games
DoubleM70  +   578d ago
It might be in reverse a ton more indies and a lot less exclusive. Why? because Sony is going broke and exclusives cost alot to develope for. You ever thought about that. Mark Cerny stated that indies cost less, but have a big cash return.
spectyre  +   578d ago

So Sony is having money issues so they are going to keep all of their developer studios and their employees on the payroll for doing nothing?

We would've heard about massive layoffs by now and in fact, Sony Santa Monica is openly recruiting because they just moved into much larger building that even has a Mo-Cap studio adjacent to their building.

Yup sounds like Sony has just given up making games.

I think Kaz honestly believes his Wow policy. I think that all of the studios are trying to literally wow us. I know I've used the word several times watching Second Son trailers.
showtimefolks  +   577d ago

keep believing the sony is going broke. are you stupid or something?

if anything with ps4 they are getting back on track along with the fact Kaz has been running sony much better since taking over. If anything sony is now in recovery mode

indies are on ps4 because sony allows them to self publish

those studios that sony own are actually getting bigger and becoming multiple teams to work on more than one project at a time
girlwithturn  +   578d ago
Lol, too bad that you know about this lunatic russian boy.
Majin-vegeta  +   578d ago
Nice *thumbs up*
XtraTrstrL  +   578d ago
I've been anticipating this game. Only thing I don't like is the recent news about the trophies, that there's only a few trophies because the game is so small. I hope it takes more than 5-6 hours atleast to complete. It does look like a nice survival horror entry.
Ron_Danger  +   578d ago
Don't forget you can also watch people playing it if you wanna watch people yell and jump at all the scary parts (myself included) lol
JaredH  +   578d ago
I beat the game on steam and it says I played it for 5 hours (so 5-6) and I found most of the documents and other collectibles. I played it before the insane mode or whatever it's called was patched in so that may add some re-playability. In any case I'm playing it again when it comes out on ps4 since I'm getting it for free anyway and I thought the game was really well done as I liked it more than Amnesia.

When I heard the new Alien game was pretty much a more fleshed out version of this, and in the Alien universe obviously, it got me very excited for it.
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XtraTrstrL  +   578d ago
Cool, I also looked it up after posting, and saw it should take about 5 hours. That works for me. Next Tuesday can't come any sooner.
Neonridr  +   577d ago
took me 4 hours and I found every document and collectible. It really depends on how long it takes you to get past certain "obstacles" in the game. There are a few parts of the game that can be frustratingly hard, but the rest of the game is pretty straightforward.

Regardless of me beating it, I will definitely give this a second playthrough on the PS4. PS+ is a great feature.
KimoNoir  +   578d ago
I myself as a high end pc owner can tell you that the PS4 can easily pull this off, whereas the XBOX will always fall short.
asmith2306  +   578d ago
Care to explain why? Seriously. I like cake.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   578d ago
And you know this because? Oh you're just trolling..
KwietStorm  +   578d ago
Thanks for the expert opinion.
MasterCornholio  +   578d ago
Should be a smooth experience then.


Glad to hear this news.
Clover904  +   578d ago
Can't wait for this game, and it's free with PS Plus! I'll be streaming this game the night it's released. I'm not much of a horror guy, but I'm looking forward to getting freaked out.
tigertron  +   578d ago
This is what I like to hear. My body is ready for next Wednesday!
TheUberAsian  +   578d ago
This is pretty awesome news!!! Does anyone know when this game comes out, I heard Feb.4 (Tuesday) and Feb. 5 (Wednesday) which one is it?
WeAreLegion  +   578d ago
Tuesday night in NA. Not sure about other regions.
moujahed  +   578d ago
Tuesday evening actually. 3pm EST
WeAreLegion  +   578d ago
Are evening and night different?
RandomDude655  +   577d ago
Heck yes. Sooner than I thought.
Neonridr  +   577d ago
since when is 3pm EST evening now?

That's still afternoon to me.
Statix  +   578d ago
I've been holding off on buying this game on Steam, knowing that it would be free on PS4 eventually. Been looking forward to playing this one for a long time.
combatcash  +   578d ago
Same here I have been wanting to play this game but I haven't seen it on sale. It's a freebie on ps4 right?
Neonridr  +   577d ago
as long as you are a PS+ member then yes, free for you.
MightyNoX  +   578d ago
Chuk5  +   578d ago
It's running at 60 fps? Nope, can do it. This game will just f*** me too bad lol
isyourhouseonfire   578d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
Eiffel  +   578d ago
No surprise, the game is hardly demanding. Even my laptop could probably run this with similar or same results. Still good that PS4 owners can enjoy this awesome game.
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combatcash  +   578d ago

I'm not sure why you received disagrees it runs on unreal engine and the recommended specs aren't high end at all.

Not sure what kind of laptop you have but that actually is very unlikely.
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Eiffel  +   578d ago
I'd be more concerned if I had more agrees, usually it's the overzealous ignorant fanboy hivemind that get those in stacks on this site. In this case I'd chalk it up as people too ignorant and insecure to understand what little this game demands from the hardware it's on, and somehow this being an achievement is somewhat laughable for anyone with even the slightest technical know how.

Also, my laptop is a Samsung Series 7 Chronos with a GTX 550M.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   578d ago
You really have to ask that question here? The game is not a resource hog and is not impressive visually really. It's great fun on the PC.
Cueil  +   578d ago
the Xbox One could do the same... rec specs are well with in range for both systems to run this at 1080p60
webeblazing  +   578d ago
yeah you get boo ed for stating the obvious on this site. they dont like anything that doesnt make the seem superior.
danny818  +   578d ago
so what im hearing this game is free with psplus right?!
MasterofMagnetism  +   578d ago
kiz2694  +   578d ago
Yep, next week Feb 4th-5th depending on NA/EU.
xActionBasturdx  +   578d ago
Can't wait for this game! The survival horror genre has been lacking content for some time now so this is definitely a step in the right direction
Tsar4ever  +   578d ago
All I can say about this news is HELL YEAH!!
XiSasukeUchiha  +   578d ago
OH yeah!!!! that good ol PS4 juicy goodness!
idontcare  +   578d ago
Play this game!!!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   578d ago
It's good, to be part of the playstation fam.
ramiuk1  +   578d ago
i wante to play this but i think i be too scared
kevnb  +   578d ago
I find it hard to believe they are using all 8 threads, but maybe the dev kits are just that good.
Jovanian  +   578d ago
not that impressive
PersonMan  +   578d ago
Why does everything have to run at 60fps these days?

Just because it can, doesn't mean it has to.

Developers should be adding more detail, more particles, better anti-aliasing, better effects, better physics etc instead of worrying about 60fps. I wanna see MASSIVELY better looking games instead of last gen games at 1080p @ 60fps.

Give me an outstanding looking game locked at a solid 30fps and I'd be more than satisfied.

60fps is so overrated.
WickedLester  +   578d ago
Depends on the type of game. For sports, racing, FPS, and fighting games I absolutely believe that 60fps is better every single time due to the importance of precise controls. However for other genres like RPG's, action games, puzzle games, platformers, etc I don't think it's as critical. However if given the choice, no question would I choose 60fps over 30fps every single time! It just makes the games so much smoother.
webeblazing  +   578d ago
this game was coming out for the longest. seem stupid for them to change their game design just because the new consoles is out not everything is about gfx. and 60fps do make the gameplay smoother.
KwietStorm  +   578d ago
It's the same game that's been on PC since September. They're not going to add all these other things to it. It runs at 60 frames because it's supposed to. If anlther game runs at 60fps, then that game is supposed to as well, within the environment and vision of the developer.
Ethereal  +   578d ago
Excited to play this!
ironmonkey  +   578d ago
the game is terrifying.
RAGE91  +   578d ago
I have no problem in saying that I am seriously questioning my decision to get Xboxone on release. I now plan to either get a PS4 buy 2015 or a SteamMachine or build a PC.

I'm Stumped.

Father__Merrin  +   578d ago
the wiiu version would be good, tablet used as camera ane inventory management
F*ck scary games I ain't bout that life. lmao

I'll probably still end up playing it tho :/ I'm craving something new on my ps4 lol.

....I'll just make sure its day and the sun is shining bright and puppies are outside :D
TristanPR77  +   578d ago
The black beast killing again. I'm really glad I choosed a PS4.
ASH_ufo  +   578d ago
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