Square Enix Renders Final Fantasy XIII’s Story In Glorious 16-bits In Their Retro-Spective

In a brilliant bit of nostalgic promotion, Square Enix today takes us on an SNES-tinged tour of the events behind Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. I’ll be honest and say if the original duo of titles in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy looked like this I likely would have seen the adventures through to their conclusion. Stylish sprites aside, sit back and enjoy this nearly 8 minute long trip back to the golden 16-bit era with this pixelated tour of the events that shaped lightning into the Saviour she’s become in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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majiebeast1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Wow they actually made 13 look good and fun to play. How about you release this instead on consoles and Vita.

DragonKnight1602d ago

That would be smart, and we all know that smart isn't SE's business model.

They'd rather keep releasing crap Lightning games.

cleft51602d ago

They actually did a really great job of explaining 13-2. Also, yes the games where heavily flawed but they weren't the worse thing ever. I am looking forward to 13-3, since I liked the story.

Neonridr1602d ago

LOL, package this up and release this instead..

goldwyncq1602d ago

The FFXIII trilogy is kinda similar to the format of the older FF games now that I think about it.

Disc 1- FFXIII
Disc 2- FFXIII-2
Disc 3- LR

DragonKnight1602d ago

What's funny is that they're shorter than FFVII or FFVIII when viewed that way. The content that was in FFVII or VIII just on the first disc would probably be two FFXIII discs.

AdmiralSnake1602d ago

DragonKnight is speaking blasphemous.....

dead_pixels1602d ago

I'd definitely sooner play this than the first two games in the trilogy. Though I have to admit, Lightning Returns feels like a breath of fresh air after those two trudges.

DragonKnight1602d ago

Oh yeah? Wait until you see the ending.

dead_pixels1602d ago

lol. Not sure if that's a sing of good things to come or an ill omen. I guess I'll have to find out in a little over a week.

kayoss1602d ago

its not a dream is it? not like super mario bros 2. if it is I will be so freakin pissed.

DragonKnight1602d ago

Oh no, it's far worse than a dream. If it was a dream then you could probably be like "what? WTF?!! Oh... oh it was just a dream. LAAAAME!"

But it's not. It's not a dream.

All I'll say is that it's worse than that.

nope1111602d ago

Honestly, who's going to play LRFFXIII for its story?

kalkano1602d ago

Who's going to play it for its gameplay? It's an insult to the Final Fantasy name.

DragonKnight1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII had a story?

**EDIT** Wow, this just goes to show how good FFVI was that, using it's style, it can make FFXIII seem playable.

**EDIT 2** Ok, I legitimately lol'd at the part where Yeul (sic?) kept falling over hundreds of years.

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The story is too old to be commented.