Trailer: Final Fantasy XIII Retro Graphics Recap

Check out the Retro-Spective of Final Fantasy 13. It's pretty sweet how it looks like it could have come out years ago.

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OmegaShen1331d ago

Cool, that was pretty awesome.

Becuzisaid1331d ago

Even in 16 bit form FF13 only has corridors that move from left to right.

Irishguy951331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

What an embarrassment to the franchise this game was. Cool effort though whoever made this.

Wow, mastero, you plated both? I'd literally die of boredom even trying to finish one of them.

Snookies121331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

I platinum'd XIII-2, only took me like 72 hours. That game was actually really fun. It was nowhere near what I want a Final Fantasy title to be (neither was the first), but it was a great game. If it were called anything else, I'm sure a lot of people would have enjoyed it.

WilliamH1331d ago

This video helped me fully understand the story........even though I played through each game twice........tumbleweed

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The story is too old to be commented.