Moero Chronicle gets Titillating Teaser Trailer

Compile Heart‘s upcoming and provocative role-playing-game Moero Chronicle has received a new teaser trailer.

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sawjiu1634d ago

95% not coming to US.

noxeven1634d ago

if it comes to us, 99% its censored to all hell

Regis1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I need some new JRPGs for me I been spoiled by them. I wouldn't mind it they keep it in Japanese voice-overs but english subs I'm used to animes doing that. On the fact that it is censored no doubt however you ever heard of Record of Agwrest War? Look it up and see they should be similar in censorship.

c316471634d ago

watch youtube take the video down.

drizzom1634d ago

If I didn't read the captions I would have no idea what genre this even could be.

Hicken1634d ago

Looks like I'll have to import... and not have a clue what's going on because my Japanese won't be up to snuff.

(inb4 CrossingEden)