Pre-orders for GTAV on PC starting this Friday

Gamereactor has learnt that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is about to go on pre-order.

Nordic retailer Elgiganten (owned by Dixons Retail UK) will start taking orders for Grand Theft Auto V on PC this Friday, which has been confirmed to us via a manager of one of the Swedish stores.

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qu1ckset1333d ago

Not sure If I want to get this for my laptop or wait and see if a PS4 version comes out..

xJumpManx1333d ago

Its GTA5 I already have it on 360 and ps3 I want it for my PC and next gen consoles. Its the one game I could replay over and over. The PC version will be best though with mods and real named cars.

Shakengandulf1333d ago

I'm in the same situation.

Magicite1333d ago

why would anyone play such a high-end(I believe it will be one on PC) game like GTA5 on a laptop?

qu1ckset1333d ago

I have a Alienware 14 with a i7 4800mq, 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, and GTX765m 2gb , I will easily be able to play this on my laptop...

kipsta1332d ago

His laptop is more powerful then the ps4/Xbox one...

Magicite1332d ago

for the cost of your laptop u could buy 27inch display and high-end PC, and enjoy game way much more.

Deividas1333d ago

I feel this should have rumor in the title. There is still no official confirmation of a PC release. Not saying it wont happen, just not confirmed.

Psychotica1333d ago

I can't wait to play this at work..

KrisButtar1333d ago

Is it not the whole point of a placeholder, so pre-orders can start?

"While there's been no official confirmation of the game arriving on PC," that sucks

Are_The_MaDNess1333d ago

placeholders is one thing. taking money for it is another. there can be lawsuits if they dont give them the item they brought or money back..... they wouldnt have taken money for pre-orders if they didnt plan on it coming out.

Play2Win1333d ago

Make it happen please. I want this bad boy!
Seattle seahawks Go Go Go!

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The story is too old to be commented.