Pro Controller, Wii Remote and Classic Controller Support Added to NES Remix in Europe

Nintendo Enthusiast: "NES Remix was another unpredictable Wii U release from Nintendo last year that ended up becoming a fairly popular collection of mini-games on the platform. As it turned out, people loved the idea of making over specific sections of NES games by twisting and tweaking it's gameplay.

Unfortunately, the game was only playable via the GamePad controller, but Nintendo of Europe is now confirming an update for the game that will add support for other control options."

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PeteyMcPickle1632d ago

Thank god! I'd rather use my pro controller if there's no application of the second screen.

herbs1632d ago

Why it only supported the Gamepad initially is a complete mystery to everyone who purchased it... This game requires only 2 buttons and a D-pad Nintendo.